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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Volunteer spotlight: Eric Ahearn, referee and office superstar

Each month, DC SCORES highlights a volunteer that has made a significant impact on the program. It would be impossible to give 1,500 students throughout the District the quality programming they receive without the help of our volunteers. To learn about volunteer opportunities, visit www.DCSCORES.org.

This month we highlight Eric Ahearn, who began with DC SCORES as a soccer referee and now is a huge help to our event-planning team in our office. Eric's varied roles for us illustrate the many different ways one can be a part of the DC SCORES team!


DCS: Where are you from and where did you go to school?

I am originally from Indianapolis, Indiana, and I went to undergrad at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. Right now, I am in my last semester of a Master’s program in International Development Studies at GWU.

DCS: How did you get involved with DC SCORES?

I took a class last fall about peace building and community development, and the professor encouraged students to start getting involved domestically if they were interested in that kind of work. I originally saw coach postings on Idealist and DC SCORES seemed like an awesome fit.

DCS: What do you find most interesting about DC SCORES?

I love the Olympics and the traditional definition of olympism is the combination of arts and culture, in addition to sports. And l love how DC SCORES truly captures that.

DCS: Describe your experience volunteering for DC SCORES.

I refereed the past couple weeks of the fall season and then got involved in helping around the office as well, preparing for the SCORE Awards. When I was at a High Five! Tour, (staff) mentioned needing some help with office work. I knew I would have a lighter course load this spring and instead of doing an internship with an organization that I had no connection to, I wanted to donate my time to something I really believed in. I will also be returning as a referee this spring!

DCS: What motivates you to want to volunteer?

When I believe in the mission and philosophy of an organization. I was definitely raised in a family where volunteering was important and I was a part of a fraternity where it was a central value as well.

DCS: What do you like to do with your free time?

I love to cook and bake. I recently acquired a meat smoker so I have been spending a lot of time messing around with that in my backyard. I also have a random dream to make a friend’s wedding cake, so I’ve been practicing baking and decorating a lot too. It’s a stress reliever for me.

DCS: Who is your favorite athlete?

I really don’t know, but I love the passion that goes into any sort of athletic competition and I like any sport that is fun to watch. I prefer to watch college sports over professional, so I am super excited for the NCAA Tournament.

DCS: Who is your favorite singer or poet?

My favorite poet is Sarah Kay and my favorite musical group is Ra Ra Riot. But recently, Nickel Creek has made a comeback, so they are climbing back up my list as well.

DCS: What is your favorite food?

If I was on the death row and had only one meal left, I would go to the greasiest, hole in the wall Mexican food place and order two of everything off the menu.

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