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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Poetry Slam! performance of the week: Raymond Education Campus (elementary)

Each Wednesday during the year, we will highlight one of the 41 performances from the 16th Annual DC SCORES Poetry Slam! that took place Dec. 4-5, 2013. The event is the largest youth poetry slam in the District and highlights the original poems of our 1,500 youth. To view any performance from the Poetry Slam!, visit our YouTube channel. You can also read recaps of the event on our blog: WestsideEastside

Today we highlight Raymond Education Campus' elementary school team. The students took the stage at Cardozo Education Campus during the first night of the Slam! and begin their performance with an acrostic poem. With one girl taking the leadership role -- "R stands for.." etc. -- her teammates followed her cues in describing what R-a-y-m-o-n-d stands for.

A boy then took the microphone and performed the team's solo poem -- each DC SCORES team is tasked with doing two group poems and one individual -- about what he would do if president.

Click on the embedded video player above to watch Raymond's performance!

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