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Monday, March 24, 2014

DC SCORES Couch to Camp Campaign gives kids summer camp memories

Written by Jake Lloyd
Communications Manager

What do you remember about summer camp?

My long-term memory isn't great, but I'll never forget making some of my best friends at camp; exercising each day through every game you can imagine; and dreading the ever-approaching last day each year.

Summer camp was a part of my life I took for granted growing up -- just like my two-parent household, sports teams year round, and much more.

I can't imagine a childhood minus all those summer memories.

Unfortunately, that is reality for hundreds of children in Washington, DC. With their families lacking the resources to send them to traditional camps, kids are left at home during the District's hottest months -- often sitting on the couch not doing much of anything.

Enter DC SCORES' Couch to Camp Campaign.

Each summer, DC SCORES strives to provide enriching, supportive and, most importantly, FUN camps for more than 200 DC youth. No child is excluded. The camps are FREE.

But they only happen with your support. Can you help us reach our goal of raising $7,000 through our Couch to Camp Campaign?

Combined with the support of our generous supporter Cresa Washington DC, YOU can ensure that students like Cindy (watch the embedded video) won't suffer from learning loss and be left idle during the most dangerous time of the year for weight gain.


Last year, we asked several summer camp participants at our six-week Soccer & Arts camp at Marie Reed Elementary School what they would be doing if not attending DC SCORES camp every day? Here's a sampling of their answers:

“I’d be bored at home," said Chantelle.

“Probably nothing," added Kaiyah.

“Sleeping," said Guadalupe.

And, “Thinking about DC SCORES," said Warren.

Any gift during our Couch to Camp Campaign will keep Chantelle from being bored, Guadalupe from sleeping during the day, and Warren from thinking about his favorite after-school program instead of being a part of it during the summer.

Here's how your gift (at different levels) can make a difference:

  • $25 will provide a soccer ball and healthy snacks for a camper.
  • $50 will provide a full uniform (socks, shinguard, shorts, T-shirt), a soccer ball, and healthy snacks for one camper.
  • $100 will provide a full week of camp for one camper including all of the above.

Regardless of the level you give at, you are assisting in getting one more child vulnerable to the dangers of summer inactivity closer to an action-packed experience of soccer drills, games, arts activities, field trips, and building relationships.


When I think back on what I remember most about DC SCORES' recent summer camps, one day stands out.

Two years ago, DC received quite the heat wave in late July with temperatures hovering around 100 degrees every day. It was the perfect excuse for kids to stay home and out of the sun. 

One scorching afternoon, I worked up my courage and left our air-conditioned office to visit soccer camp at Tubman Elementary School. I fully expected to arrive to a small group of tired, complaining kids. Boy, was I in for a surprise.

Instead, there were 75 kids enthusiastically running through soccer drills and scrimmaging. While camper Emily was taking a brief break and dumping water on her head, I asked her if she had considered staying home.

“No,” Emily answered emphatically. “I never have second thoughts when it comes to summer camp.”

And that was that.

It will be hot this summer. But with your support, children like Emily will look forward to each day of DC SCORES summer camp, and benefit tremendously.

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