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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Highlighting our youth poets: Burrville Elementary School

NOTE: View all DC SCORES videos on our YouTube page.

For those of you who made it to either night of December’s 13th Annual Poetry Slam!, you know how tremendous the performances were.

Students from each of our 25 schools took the stage in front of hundreds of audience members – under the bright lights – and confidently performed a set of original poems they wrote, edited and refined during the Fall 2010 season.

The experience of witnessing such performances can’t be matched.

However, we don’t want to leave anyone in the dark who couldn’t attend the Slam!. So beginning today – and continuing each week – we will feature one school’s performance on this blog. While only a handful of schools won awards, every school’s time on stage was unique and the result of hundreds of hours of hard work in the classroom.

For many of our poet-athletes, the Poetry Slam! was the first time they ever performed in front of an audience. Imagine doing that before a standing-room-only crowd, as was the case at Kelly Miller on the second night of the Slam!.

All of the performances – and other DC SCORES videos -- are being added to our YouTube page, so you can find your school’s special moments on stage there.

But return to this blog the middle of each week to see how another group of students came together to put on an impactful performance.

The Poetry Slam!, as much as any event, illustrates the growth of students during a DC SCORES season.

Today’s featured performance comes from Burrville Elementary School in Ward 7, who recited -- among other poems -- an ode to their home city. Check it out!

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