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Monday, December 26, 2016

Volunteer spotlight: Joshua McGee, Advisory Council all-star

DC SCORES has more than 500 volunteers who help make our program possible for 2,200 low-income DC kids. From assistant coaching, to tackling our big events, to providing expert services and advice, to folding newsletters in our office, to reffing weekly soccer games, to taking photos and videos, and much more, our volunteers make a difference in many ways and with varying schedules.

Today we highlight a volunteer, Joshua McGee, who does a little bit of everything for DC SCORES. As a member of our Advisory Council (interested? email Tony Francavilla), Joshua helps plan fundraising events, develops new strategies to attract donors and build out current methods, is very active on social media, and much more. Joshua is also a regular at our large program events, lending a hand wherever it's needed. But enough from us. Hear from Joshua below about his volunteering experience with DC SCORES and get to know him a bit.


What is your day job?
I am a government IT auditor and consultant.

How did you first get involved with DC SCORES?
I first heard of DC SCORES through staff member Libby Watkins. My first volunteer event was Fall Frenzy in 2014, then Jamboree! that spring. After those, I started going to the Poetry Slams.

Can you name some of the ways that you are involved with DC SCORES?
I am a member of the Advisory Council, which helps continue the development of DC SCORES through fundraising. I have worked with DC SCORES to develop a strategy for a Salesforce (CRM database), I volunteer at DC SCORES’ special events, and am the coach/cheering section for the DC SCORES (staff) Saturday soccer team.
Joshua (left) at a DC SCORES fundraiser. 
Can you explain more about the Advisory Council?
The Advisory Council is a group of volunteers and community members who are very invested in the success of DC SCORES. We help with fundraising efforts and increase connections in the community. This involves reaching out to our personal and professional networks for fundraising and facilitating relationships for special events.

What is the League of Champions (LOC) and what does belonging to the LOC mean to you?
The LOC is a level of giving support for DC SCORES that requires a donation of (at least) $1,000 each year for five years. After being involved for a short period of time, I immediately recognized the huge benefit of DC SCORES not just for the kids, but for the schools, communities and coaches. I believe in the mission of developing people through teams and teamwork, so giving was simply a no-brainer for me. It is one of many ways for me to support DC SCORES, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

How has your time with DC SCORES impacted you?
There is a common tendency for young professionals who move to DC to live in a bubble of 20-somethings and to only hang out in certain places, which limits our worldview. DC SCORES has helped me expand my point of view and recognize not only my privilege, but also the need that is out there in our city. With DC SCORES, I am able to provide others with the opportunities that I had growing up as a kid. I am able to help DC SCORES lift up people who have so much value to be the best that they can be, and DC SCORES allows me to see my place in it all.

Joshua watches a D.C. United game with some of his DC SCORES friends. 
Can you share a favorite memory?
Every Poetry Slam!. This most recent West Side Poetry Slam was especially awesome due to the political environment and everything we had going into it. Everyone gave their two cents that week, so it was really powerful to hear the perspective of the poet-athletes at DC SCORES. It really put things in perspective for me and reaffirmed what we as a country need to do for the next four years. It also gave me a lot of hope for the next generation to see them so politically active and aware. All Poetry Slams are impactful, and it was great to see that happen again this year.

What motivates you to volunteer? To give?
The poet-athletes.

What do you do in your free time?
I hang out with DC SCORES staff, really enjoy hiking, and traveling. I like listening to lots of music and going to good concerts.

What is your New Year's resolution?
Be healthier, eat smarter, and doing more leisure reading. I read too much with a purpose, so much news.

What is your karaoke go-to?
Piano Man by Billy Joel

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