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Monday, December 19, 2016

DC SCORES covers DC: Hearst Recreation Center, Ward 3


As DC SCORES has grown over the past several years -- from 20 schools, to adding middle schools in 2006, to 27 schools, then 42, and now to 60 sites, including several recreation centers that make up the first-ever DC City Soccer League -- we've expanded our reach across Washington, DC. And now we serve 2,200 kids in neighborhoods throughout the entire city -- meaning all eight wards. This fall, we'll bring to you a highlight program in each ward.

In Ward 3, Hearst Recreation Center is the sole DC SCORES site. Because the site is a recreation center and not a school, their programming only includes soccer.

On a typical day of DC SCORES soccer practice, Coach Alex Oshinsky comes down to the field to see his students already having a snack and ready to go. To start off practice, they'll play games such as sharks and minnows, keep away, and steal the bacon.

"You want to keep the kids moving," Alex said. "Instead of running a warm-up where the kids are standing and stretching, I'll run a dynamic warm-up."

He's found that the kids are more than happy to play these games. "They seem to take to the games a little bit more than just standing in a circle," he said.

Practice then continues for about an hour, concluding with a scrimmage. It was evident that the students were more than happy to be there. They love soccer, their team, and their coach! Keep up the good work, Hearst!

Heart Recreation Center

Hearst Rec FUN FACTS
Year DC SCORES started: 2016
Ward: 3
Uniform color: Blue
Coaches: Soccer -- Alex Oshinsky

"The relationship I have with the students is great! I show up and they are excited. DC SCORES is a good program." - soccer coach Alex Oshinsky

"I like playing for Hearst Rec because it gives me more chances to become a better soccer player." -Max on improving his soccer skills with DC SCORES

"I really like DC SCORES because I'm with people from my school. I wasn't with my friends at my old soccer team. It's nice for kids to feel special and be with their friends! I'm really happy to switch to DC SCORES." - Innea K.

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