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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Do More 24 2015: The gift of a uniform!

Give a soccer uniform on Do More 24!

How did you feel when you put on a sports uniform for the first time? When you got to represent your school with a a shirt bearing your very own number?



Like you belonged.

These -- and many more emotions -- are all right answers and they're the feeling kids in DC SCORES get to experience each year. Every poet-athlete in our program, all 1,500 of them, receives a soccer uniform -- a jersey, shorts, socks and shinguards -- upon beginning DC SCORES. They become part of a team.

Unfortunately, there are hundred of kids in DC who lack a team -- who haven't experienced the feelings expressed by the kids in the video above. This is where you come in.

Tweet: I support @DCSCORES. Do you? Give the gift of a soccer uniform w/a $24 donation on #DoMore24! http://bit.ly/DoMoreForDCYouth Thursday, June 4, 2015, is Do More 24, a one-day giveathon celebrating nonprofits in the greater DC area. Our goal is to provide uniforms for 500 DC kids currently without a team. Can you help us reach our goal by making a donation of a uniform ($24) or more?

1) Go HERE between 12am-11:59pm on June 4 to join our effort.

2) Then share your gift and tag friends and family, asking them to do the same. This is easy to do on social media. We've even created a Tweet you can use; just click HERE. Or share our Facebook post with your own customized message.


Because we understand the impact each and every donor is making by providing a uniform, throughout the day we will keep a running list below of High Fives -- we LOVE high fives at DC SCORES -- for those who give. We hope your name makes the list!


The DC SCORES team


#DoMore24 soccer uniforms provided: 357

DC SCORES High Fives list, time given
Shanaz Chowdhury, 11:57pm
Anonymous, 11:06pm
Liselot Koenen, 10:41pm
Melissa Kambouris, 10:25pm
Alen Allen, 10:03pm
Launa Hochstetler, 9:58pm
Anonymous, 9:58pm
Kenny Owens, 9:52pm
Aya Takeuchi, 9:42pm
Disna Cleland-Boyle, 9:37pm
William Dennis, 9:37pm
Mark Lewis, 9:34pm
Leah Hochstetler, 9:31pm
Elizabeth Wendel, 9:29pm
Stephanie Wolfram, 9:13pm
Anonymous, 9:04pm
Addie Thompson, 8:52pm
Brian Bouhl, 8:47pm
Tim Protle, 8:39pm
Anonymous, 8:32pm
Scott Lesmes, 8:29pm
Holly O'Donnell, 8:22pm
Joshua Orrego, 8:20pm
Zakaria Sherbiny, 7:53pm
Heidi Hochstetler, 7:48pm
Allison Brown, 7:35pm
Santano Rosario, 7:03pm
Anonymous, 7:02pm
Ellen Jimenez, 7:01pm
Chrystal Puryear, 6:50pm
Jonathan Judge-Russo, 6:20pm
Karen Lloyd, 6:14pm
Michael Mack, 6:10pm
L. Coley, 6pm
Joseph Santiesteban, 5:59pm
Kara Dunford, 5:55pm
Kelli Davis, 5:55pm
Andrea and John Murino, 5:52pm
Amy and Fred Rubin, 5:51pm
Kenny Shin, 5:46pm
Mark Hazan, 5:36pm
Jeb Burch, 5:33pm
Susan Gomes, 5:25pm
Judith Goodman, 5:08pm
Sebastiao & Roseli Fonseca, 5:05pm
Fonseca Family, 5:04pm
Christina Brown, 5:03pm
Rachel Klepper, 5:03pm
Tayla Bock, 4:57pm
Keiko Yoshino, 4:57pm
Jacqueline Kemp, 4:54pm
Anthony Francavilla, 4:54pm
Nytasha Garland, 4:48pm
Sean Hinkle, 4:48pm
Nancy Clements, 4:47pm
Joni Hirsch, 4:36pm
Greta Poku, 4:35pm
Gillian Parrish, 4:32pm
Jamilah Matthews, 4:26pm
Paul Jackson, 4:25pm
Maritza Carnegie, 4:24pm
Jamie Goldfarb, 4:24pm
Marisa Deline, 4:18pm
Jill Dowell, 4:09pm
Darryl Clay, 3:58pm
Tammy Whyte, 3:51pm
Lauren Bogard, 3:50pm
Tyler Andrus, 3:47pm
Christabelle Gipson, 3:44pm
Allison Frick, 3:44pm
Mary Ryan, 3:41pm
Nancy Kemp, 3:39pm
Christina Velt, 3:32pm
Anthony Brown, 3:29pm
Brian Yi, 3:27pm
Mike Rocco, 3:18pm
Christina Lewis,2:50pm
Steve Goodman, 2:45pm
Jackie Solano, 2:01pm
Emily Thompson, 1:53pm
Pena Madridista, 1:40pm
John Mcknight, 1:39pm
Hannah Estifanos, 1:39pm
Lyndsey Miller-Vierra, 1:37pm
Pierce Brix, 1:37pm
Ryan Kelley, 1:08pm
Sherry Persaud, 12:52pm
Taylor Brown, 12:51pm
Amanda Potter, 12:17pm
Robert & Patricia Watkins, 12:08pm
Emily Schulman, 12:08pm
Cheryl Gregory, 12:02pm
Jo Ousterhout, 12:00pm
Tim & Kathy Hinkle, 11:43am
Mathew Stafford, 11:32am
Emily Gottschalk, 11:18am
John Pellegrini, 11:11am
Lauren Orzechowski, 11:01am
Douglas Vollmayer, 10:48am
Sidney Williams, 10:48am
Kristopher Rengert, 10:43am
Andrea DiMaria, 10:24am
Catherine Heron, 10:23am
Eli & Vesta Hochstetler, 10:22am
Tracey Rutnik, 10:21am
Danielle Rutnik, 10:17am
Stephen Ressler, 10:14am
Marissa Piette, 10:03am
Ayan & Mike Rubin, 10:02am
Christopher Berg, 9:56am
Lauren Cummings, 9:53am
Paul John, 9:50am
Molly Oellerich, 9:49am
Daniel Henderson, 9:47am
Ronald Buch, 9:44am
Kathleen Kiernan, 9:42am
Gwendolyn Vinson, 9:38am
Alex Bearman, 9:38am
Ronya Corey, 9:35am
Stephen Replogle, 9:31am
Donald Hill, 9:29am
Lily Goldstein, 9:28am
Andrew Gaeckle, 9:28am
Anne H Woodworth, 9:24am
Marissa Mcbride, 9:09am
Hirsh Kravitz, 8:59am
MaryBeth Sullivan, 8:59am
Liz Martone, 8:58am
Adam Rubinfield, 8:54am
Anthony Francavilla, 8:53am
Jessica Searing, 8:51am
Mary Amorosino, 8:45am
Betty Schulman, 8:38am
Grant Czubinski, 8:38am
Edward Lovitch, 8:35am
David Crespo, 8:35am
Amy Wrona, 8:23am
Jake Lloyd, 8:18am
Daniel Meloy, 8:05am
Alice Speck, 8:04am
Amy Nakamoto, 8:04am
Bethany Rubin Henderson, 8:04am
Chris Richardson, 8:04am
Karen Lovitch, 8:03am
Julie Rogers, 8:03am
Kelly Dragelin, 8;02am
Andrea Custis, 8:02am
John Guinan, 8:01am
Katrina Owens, 8:01am
Jessica Trevelyan, 8am
Stuart Trevelyan, 8am
Paul Jackson, 8am
Jack Reagan, 7:11am
Danica Keefe, 5:32am
Mary and Terry Fairbanks, 6:18am
Jake Lloyd, 12:07am
Anonymous, 12:13am

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