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Monday, June 22, 2015

2015 DC SCORES Cup a great success!

When all the SCORES Cup teams gathered on the sliver of turf in between fields 5 and 6 Saturday afternoon, one could have confused them for DC SCORES teams. 

There stood members of 32 teams, each group of 15-plus participants wearing a different colored customized T-shirt with their company's logo emblazoned on the back. It was no easy task fitting everyone in the picture; neither was winning the SCORES Cup.

At the end of a cloudy-turned-sunny day at the Maryland SoccerPlex -- which hosted the event for the sixth consecutive year -- Marriott International in the competitive division and Capital for Children in the casual division emerged victorious, but there were no losers on this Saturday.

Just by entering a team and playing in the DC area's largest charity soccer tournament, the 500-plus participants assisted in raising more than $120,000 for DC SCORES -- an amount that equals a full year of programming at five schools in the District.

That's an incredible impact. 

Not only did participants play at least five -- and up to seven -- games on the SoccerPlex's pristine fields, they also learned about the cause during a short break in the action. DC SCORES alumnus Christian get everyone engaged and pumped up with a "DC" "SCORES" call-and-respond chant, and Executive Director Bethany Rubin Henderson gave an overview of the impact those supporting the cause were making. 

After a stirring testimonial from longtime volunteer and coach Simon Landau, board member and Sport and Spine Rehab doctor Barton Bishop wrapped up the presentation by letting everyone know how to get involved.

One way was by entering a raffle at the tournament, which included awesome prize packages including tickets to sit in the owner's box at a D.C. United game and a VIP pass for on-field and locker room access at a game. We owe a huge thanks to D.C. United, which came out to the SoccerPlex and brought along the always-popular-with-any-crowd Talon the mascot.

The day also wouldn't have been possible without aforementioned Sport and Spine Rehab; Whole Foods Market P Street, which donated hundreds of apples, bananas, granola bars and refreshing lemonade; DrinkMore Water, which provided 40 jugs of hydration; Geppetto Catering, which supplied the healthy lunch wraps needed to fuel up for the final games; and a group of hardy and dedicated volunteers.

Thanks so much to everyone who helped make the 13th DC SCORES Cup the best yet; bookmark your calendar for June 2016 and the 14th edition!

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