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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Creating change at Truesdell EC, part VII: Get to know the coaches

During the DC SCORES spring season, each of our 44 teams go through a four-step service-learning process that involves A) Identifying problems that need addressing in their community; B) Researching one issue; C) Implementing a project to make a difference in the community; and D) Reflecting on the impact they made.

This spring, DC SCORES intern Kristen Miano is following the Truesdell Education Campus (elementary school) Trojans as they go through the service-learning process. Read below and watch each week’s video to learn how DC SCORES empowers youth to create change around them. You can also view photos from Truesdell HERE and follow Kristen's Tweets HERE.


Written by Kristen Miano
Digital Media Intern

Just as DC SCORES soccer coaches help kids build their confidence on the field, DC SCORES writing coaches help kids become confident putting forth their thoughts on paper and then expressing them to others. Writing coaches teach their poet-athletes how their own words and efforts, especially when combined with their peers,' can create real change around them.

Truesdell Education Campus elementary writing coaches Cailin Eisele and Emily Adams are the guidance behind the Trojans’ schoolwide trash pickup service-learning project. Since late March, Cailin and Emily have let the Trojans take charge of the service-learning project, stepping in and providing guidance when necessary.

Cailin, who has been a writing coach for two years, says she loves watching the kids get motivated to work on their writing projects during the fall and spring seasons. Emily, who is just finishing up her first year as a coach, says she likes that DC SCORES gives kids an outlet they may not have otherwise. Both Cailin and Emily are incredible teachers and coaches and have done an amazing job leading the Trojans to success.

Watch the videos to learn more about their DC SCORES stories.

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