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Monday, May 11, 2015

Creating change at Truesdell EC, part VI: Committee work!

During the DC SCORES spring season, each of our 44 teams go through a four-step service-learning process that involves A) Identifying problems that need addressing in their community; B) Researching one issue; C) Implementing a project to make a difference in the community; and D) Reflecting on the impact they made.

This spring, DC SCORES intern Kristen Miano is following the Truesdell Education Campus (elementary school) Trojans as they go through the service-learning process. Read below and watch each week’s video to learn how DC SCORES empowers youth to create change around them. You can also view photos from Truesdell HERE and follow Kristen's Tweets HERE.


Written by Kristen Miano
Digital Media Intern

The Truesdell Trojans are putting the finishing touches on their committee tasks and looking ahead to their final project.

“I’m excited,” said Ashtyn H. of the advertising committee. “We’re going to encourage people to clean up behind themselves.”

The classroom was a flurry of activity as each committee focused on its own projects. The advertising committee spent their time designing posters and slogans to promote the trash pick up competition.

“I’m want to make a poster of a person picking up trash and putting it in the trash can,” Ashtyn said.

The speaking committee clustered around a computer, typing up the speech they are going to deliver in the coming weeks to convince their fellow students to get on board with the competition.

“We’re writing this letter to let teachers know that we’ve decided to start picking up trash,” Carlos T. of the speaking committee said.

Noticeably absent for most of the meeting was the contest committee, as their task for the day was to count the number of trash cans in each bathroom on every floor. When the committee wasn’t walking up and down flights of stairs shouting how many trash bins they found, they spent their time discussing some final rules and the grand prize for their cleaning competition.

“I’m excited to see which class wins the contest,” said Steve H. of the contest committee. “The prize will probably be a goodie bag with Skittles and Hershey’s.”

The contest is all set to kick off soon and the Trojans are getting pumped to make their school a better place. After all their hard work, the competition is bound to not only create a great change at Truesdell Elementary, but also united the student body as the spring semester comes to a close.

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