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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The meaning of a soccer uniform: A former DC SCORES participant reflects

This summer, Kyndall Brown -- a DC SCORES alum of Anne Beers Elementary School -- is interning with DC SCORES. As we near Do More 24 on June 19, Kyndall wrote about the impact wearing a DC SCORES uniform -- and being on a soccer team for the first time -- had on her. Beginning at 12am June 19, please give the gift of a team to DC SCORES. A $24 donation equals a soccer jersey, shorts, shinguards and socks for a DC child. Our goal is to provide 384 students -- the equivalent of 12 DC SCORES teams -- with uniforms. Thank you for your support!

Kyndall didn't just play soccer in her uniform. It also
united her team on stage at the Poetry Slam!.

Written by Kyndall Brown 
Communications Intern

A team uniform can have a different meaning to every player that wears it. The team uniform is the first physical representation of a team’s unity. I practiced with my team for about a week or two before my very first DC SCORES game. My coach handed out our uniforms the day before the game, and it was easy to see the anticipation on all our faces as he pulled out the bag full of jerseys.

Once I received my uniform, the only thing I could think about was wearing it on the field.

My soccer uniform was the final piece that brought together my understanding of the role I played on my soccer team. My uniform made me feel a part of my team, but my uniform number gave me my independence as a player. My number was unique to me and I was the only person that could identify with it, but receiving my entire uniform -- jersey, shorts, shinguards, socks -- along with my teammates showed me where I belonged.

My SCORES soccer uniform was the first I ever owned.

Having my own uniform made me feel like I was officially a soccer player. I looked forward to wearing my uniform every Thursday. On those days, everywhere I went someone would be reminded that I was a soccer player.

My uniform became a part of me, and playing without it could never the same. I never wanted to be the person on the team who forgot their uniform or did not have their complete uniform because it would let the team down. If I did not come to a game prepared, I didn’t only let my coach down but also my teammates.

Our uniforms gave us a responsibility to except from one another.

When I wore my uniform with my teammates, I even played differently. Wearing it kept me aware of and thinking about the responsibility I had to my team. Not only was I reminded to be a team player, but also to play  my best because it was what I expected from my teammates.

Wearing our uniforms together as a team changed our presence on the field. Seeing the whole team at Anne Beers Elementary School in complete uniform sent a message to each team member and every other person that saw us.

It was time to play.


Learn more about Kyndall's DC SCORES experience HERE. Sign up for the Do More 24 Facebook event HERE.

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