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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

America SCORES National Poetry SLAM! profile: Skky M., Imagine Hope Community Charter School

Written by Kara Dunford
Communications Intern

On April 7, New York City will shine bright as almost 30 poets from across the country come together for the 8th annual America SCORES National Poetry SLAM!.

Skky M., a fifth grade DC SCORES student at Imagine Hope Community Charter School, will take to the stage to perform her poem “The Hungry Child.”

Skky started writing poetry as part of the DC SCORES curriculum this past fall and said it helps her to express herself.

“I like writing poetry because I like to present it in front of my classmates. It makes me feel confident,” she said.

Skky was recognized at the DC SCORES Poetry Slam! this past December, winning the Shine Award for best individual performance. It was an incredible achievement for a child performing in front of a huge audience for the first time in her life.

Jerome Clemons, one of the Imagine Hope coaches, said the opportunity for Skky to go to New York City says a lot about the school and community.

Skky performs at the DC SCORES Poetry Slam!.
“We hope everyone enjoys the performance, but really enjoys and sees the passion we instill in our players and our students,” he said.

When I had the chance to chat with Skky about her upcoming performance, the passion Clemons discussed was on full display. As she performed her poem, it was clear that Skky deeply felt each of the emotions expressed in the text.

Skky talked about her performance in December. She admitted she was nervous, but that didn’t stop her.

“I just stayed confident,” she said, noting that her practice in the classroom and support from her teammates was key.

The Imagine Hope Soaring Eagles, who won third place at the Poetry Slam!, are excited for their teammate. During my visit to the school, the team prepared a chant to wish Skky luck on the big day.

“It shows our teamwork,” Clemons said. “We all work together in writing and performing, and then in playing soccer.”

Skky is looking forward to having the chance to perform with the students from America SCORES affiliates across the country at the National Poetry SLAM!, which will be held inside the New York Stock Exchange.

“I’m looking forward to meeting other kids and becoming friends,” she said.

Check out the embedded video (also HERE) to hear more from Skky and take a sneak peek into her practice for the National Poetry SLAM!. Follow along on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #SCORESslam14 for updates from New York.

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