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Friday, October 18, 2013

Self-expression on display at Lights on Afterschool event

The poetry written at Lights on Afterschool!
On Thursday, DC SCORES was invited to the Wilson Building, home of DC's government offices, to celebrate Lights on Afterschool -- the annual nationwide event that promotes the importance of after-school programs for youth.

(Flickr photo album from Lights on Afterschool.)

The event began on the steps of the DC's government building, where several advocates for providing opportunities for children during the critical after-school hours spoke. After a youth dance performance, a poignant testimonial from David, a graduate of For Love of Children; a speech from Maggie Riden, Executive Director of the DC Alliance of Youth Advocates; and an impassioned plea from Etan Thomas -- the former Washington Wizard, published author of poetry, and strong advocate of opportunities for youth -- Mayor Vincent Gray took the microphone and officially proclaimed the day.

Then everyone entered the atrium of the building for activities. Those who visited the DC SCORES table were encouraged to write poetry about the fall season in exchange for a T-shirt. Each person chose five words about autumn that they had to use in their poem.out of a plastic pumpkin.

The exercise is one included in our curriculum which demonstrates that with a little guidance, anyone can creatively express themselves on paper.

After a choreographed dance performance,
CityDance youth exercised their creative
minds by writing poetry!
After writing, each person -- whether they were one of the CityDance youth performers; a member of the Afterschool Alliance; or a staffer from the DC Children & Youth Investment Trust Corporation, among others -- read aloud their original work.

It was a mini Poetry Slam!, except the audience was much, much smaller.

Below is a collection of the creative writing from Lights on Afterschool:


Drinking apple cider,
Trick or treating in the dark.
Running through corn mazes,
And wearing sweaters in the park!

If you don't like fall you're crazy,
Because candy apples are the best.
So grab the jack-o-lantern,
And get ready for Fall-fest!


I love fall ...
It make me feel
like I am Pocahontas!
My squash & pumpkin
recipe will never hibernate
It's as popular as black cats
during Halloween.


Soccer playing Pilgrims
Show us how it's done
Their mascot the black cat
only adds to the fun.
So grab some apple cider
spiced with cinnamon
And watch the mighty
Pilgrims run, run, run.


Which costume to pick?
A yellow witch?
A jack-o-lantern with a scary face?
A scarecrow, a ghost?
Or maybe just stay at home
And eat toast.


Thank you to the DC Children & Youth Investment Trust Corporation for hosting Thursday's event and for all the brave poets not afraid to express themselves for DC SCORES!

The DC SCORES Poetry Slam! is Dec. 4-5. Don't miss the District's largest youth self-expression competition. Get a taste of what to expect by visiting our YouTube page

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