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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Corporate giving and DC SCORES: It’s more than money

Volunteers at last year's Fall Frenzy.
DC SCORES relies on a variety of sources to fund our Arts/Academics/Athletics model that serves 1,500 low-income DC youth. While our program wouldn’t be possible without both funders old and new (companies, individuals, foundations, local government, events), money is far from the lone contribution our supporters make. Each month on this blog, we aim to highlight the many forms of “support” provided by our partners. This October, we focus on Clark Construction, Sport and Spine Rehab and The Advisory Board Company.


Written by Daniel Meloy
Senior Director of Development & Communications

American corporations gave more than $18 billion to charities last year. $18 b-b-b-billion!

That can buy a lot of soccer balls and writing journals.

There’s no denying that contributions large and small from businesses in our community have a positive impact on the kids we serve. But for companies that really want to leverage their dollars, and have an even greater impact, partnering with a charitable organization — like DC SCORES — is about more than giving money. It includes giving time and talent, specifically engaging the company’s employees in the work its dollars are supporting.

The Advisory Board's SCORES Cup group of supporters.
The spirit of volunteerism and employee engagement is exemplified in three local companies that are involved with DC SCORES: The Advisory Board Company, Clark Construction and Sport and Spine Rehab.

The Advisory Board Company (ABC) partners with DC SCORES in a variety of ways. This past year, in addition to awarding DC SCORES one of their Community Impact grants, ABC fielded a team for our annual SCORES Cup soccer tournament and provided volunteers for our Jamboree! event.

An expert team from ABC also worked on a pro bono basis with DC SCORES staff and created a comprehensive plan that DC SCORES will use for our upcoming 20th anniversary year celebration.

“At all levels of the organization and in all types of ways we’re able to engage our heads and our hearts through [DC SCORES’] work,” ABC Director of Community Impact Graham McLaughlin said. “DC SCORES enables our staff to have meaningful, impactful experiences individually and as a group.”

Popsicle-stick building with Clark Construction!
Clark Construction is just as involved as ABC. Since 2008, Clark has entered a team in the SCORES Cup. Clark has also developed a creative way for employees to get involved in our summer camps. This past summer, kids from our camp at Marie Reed Elementary School spent an afternoon with employees from Clark. They took a field trip to the future site of the American Museum of African American History and Culture, where they learned about construction, built their own popsicle-stick monuments, and played soccer on the National Mall with Clark employees.

Sport and Spine Rehab is another SCORES Cup team, but takes its participation in the event one step further. It provides pro bono medical services for the tournament, and does the same for our Fall Frenzy
and Jamboree events. Employee involvement in the community is ingrained in the Sport and Spine Rehab culture and is embodied in the company’s vision statement: To Create a Healthier and Happier World.

The Advisory Board Company, Clark Construction, and Sport and Spine Rehab are just a few of the many generous companies we partner with to help improve the lives of low-income youth in Washington, DC. We’re grateful for their support, leadership and example in our community.

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