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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Do More 24: Two days of providing soccer uniforms for DC youth!

UPDATE: Due to some technical difficulties with the DoMore24.org site, the event has been extended to last an additional 24 hours until June 8. Let's keep the momentum going!

Do More 24, a full-day 'giveathon' is here. Now is the time to learn about the thousands of amazing, tireless organizations that make an indelible difference every day in so many incredible ways. I could spend hours talking about the hundreds of programs out there, but then that would be taking away from ...

Highlighting your difference-making!

DC SCORES loves to give High Fives!, whether we're at a Game Day with our youth or in the office during the work day. In this space, we will give out a High Five! to every single person who provides a soccer uniform (socks, shinguards, shorts and a T-shirt) or two — or 10! — to a DC kid in need of one.

Then we'll Tweet about you! And spread the love through our Facebook event!

Our goal is to highlight the outfiting of 400 soccer uniforms.

The clock is ticking. The High Fiving has already begun!

TOTAL UNIFORMS (updated as they're given):  355!

DC SCORES High Five! list, time of gift
Jackie F., 3:45pm
Paul I., 1:39pm June 11
Kelly D., 10:03pm
Justin C., 9:36pm
Marylinda F., 9:24pm
Dan K., 8:30pm
Jeff R., 4:58pm
Maria B., 4:17pm
Cal K., 3:30pm
David T., 2:56pm
Chelsea S., 2:03pm
Simon N., 1:52pm
Candy C., 1:42pm
Stephen G., 12:31pm
John K., 11:56am
Allison C., 11:28am
Harvey K., 11:27am
Amy P., 10:02am
Hilary H., 9:45am
Sarah S., 9:43am
Andrew D., 9:29am
Bradford G., 8:29am
Allen C., 8:17am
Megan C., 12:13am, June 7
Brad & Bonnie M., 10:45pm
K & T. Hinkle, 9:37pm
K. Hinkle, 9:32pm
Bryce H., 9:24pm
Amanda P., 9:05pm
Kevin B., 8:57pm
Caitlin B., 8:50pm
Lauren C., 8:42pm
Dontai S., 8:12pm
Alexandra E., 8:10pm
Sebastiao F., 7:35pm
Greg N., 7:09pm
Julie R., 7:03pm
Charles P., 6:58pm
Jennifer J., 6:44pm
Linda M., 6:31pm
Richard W., 6:14pm
Jesse R., 5:23pm
Shirley S., 5:19pm
Melissa K., 5:16pm
John R., 5:08pm
Stacy M., 5:03pm
Anne G., 5:01pm
AnnMarie F., 4:57pm
Aaron H., 4:56pm
Joanne K., 4:30pm
Holly O., 3:44pm
Teresa M., 3:33pm
Michael N., 3:18pm
Emily B., 3:12pm
Lee D., 2:45pm
Vivek R., 2:24pm
Angie & Tim E., 2:28pm
Todd T., 2:27pm
Chris T., 2:15pm
Michael N., 2:14pm
Stacey F., 1:47pm
Katherine M., 1:41pm
Paul K., 1:38pm
Victoria G., 1:33pm
Suga Mama Sweets, 1:26pm
Anonymous, 1:19
Caroline W., 12:48pm
William C., 12:44pm
Brian N., 12:33pm
Madeline H., 12:27pm
Adam R., 12:26pm
Georgina V., 12:12pm
John O., 12:10pm
Richard R., 12:07pm
Carlos F., 12:02pm
Lenette A., 11:58am
Hattie S., 11:58am
Deirde H., 11:57am
Kevin A., 11:47am
Jess R., 11:45am
Michael B., 11:37am
Anne H., 11:17am
Larry S., 11:05am
Kristin A., 10:52am
Kenneth E., 10:23am
Lisa M., 10:21am
Emily H., 10:05am
Cielo C., 10:01am
Alice S., 9:59am
Anonymous, 9:55am
Lauren L., 9:48am
Lyndsey V., 9:47am
Josh B., 9:47am
David C., 9:17am
Mary A., 8:49am
John O., 8:45am
Annonymous, 8:41am
Britt E., 8:41am
Don H., 8:39am
Mark E., 8:31am
Annonymous, 8:29am
Marietta R., 8:26am
Chas R., 8:17am
Krista L., 8:14am
Anthony F., 7:50am
Karen L., 7:48am
Jessica T., 7:27am
Kelly D., 6:48am
Karen L., 6:37am
Julia C., 6:33am
Judith K., 1:30am
Candice H., 1:24am
Amy, 12:56am
Andrea, Wednesday
John L., Wednesday
Anonymous, Wednesday
Demetrios K., Wednesday
Alan R., Wednesday
Alexis C., Wednesday
Andrew R., Wednesday
Sam J., Wednesday
Thomas E., June 4
Cassandra K., June 3
Brian H., May 31

Thank you for being on our team!

— Amy Nakamoto
Executive Director

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