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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Do More 24: A day to highlight the incredible work being done by thousands of nonprofits

Since DC SCORES is a nonprofit organization, one might not think we strive to collaborate with other nonprofits and help different causes.

You would be mistaken. 

In fact, just take a look at many of the service-learning projects recently completed by DC SCORES teams at 42 schools. Here are two examples:
  • H.D. Cooke Elementary School students received creative input from staff members at Words Beats & Life in creating a mural.
The bottom line: There are not just dozens but hundreds of incredible organizations in the District doing important work every day. Whether they're providing job training for those without college degrees, preparing high school students for the chance to attend college, providing shelter for the homeless, or fighting HIV, these programs are essential for thousands of DC residents.

And they need your support.

That's why Do More 24 is so crucial. The United Way's giveathon this Thursday, June 6, is a one-day, 24-hour event to highlight the impactful work being done by nonprofits throughout the DMV and support those in need. 

We encourage you to browse the long list of charities and choose a few that are near and dear to your heart to support — in addition, we hope, to DC SCORES. 

As we continue to grow as an organization, our vision remains the same: To serve every child in the District deserving of being on a team. 

Do More 24 is the chance for you to provide a soccer uniform — socks, shinguards, shorts and a school T-shirt — and, thus, a team for a child (or two). Our goal for the day? 
  • 500 soccer uniforms for kids currently lacking one.
If you walk around a neighborhood that contains a high concentration of DC SCORES schools, such as Columbia Heights, you'll almost definitely see children in "Tubman" or "Bancroft" (you name the school) shirts. Kids wear their DC SCORES uniforms with pride. Just being on a team and representing their school on and off the soccer field means a great deal to them.

So on June 6, visit our Do More 24 page to outfit a child for success within our program.

But don't stop there. Check out other nonprofits' pages and learn about the amazing work being done in support of those who really need it. Find causes you're passionate about and connect with them. Maybe you'll find the perfect volunteering opportunity. Perhaps you'll even discover your next job!

Whatever you get out of it, we promise you Do More 24 will be a rewarding experience.

Thanks for your support of DC nonprofits! 

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