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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Inside the season at Marie Reed Part V: Fall Frenzy success!

This fall, DC SCORES intern Mir’ed Asfour is following the boys and girls teams at Marie Reed Elementary School, the flagship school of our program. Check back each week for posts highlighting the students and coaches at Reed; detailing the successes and struggles of the season; and placing in the spotlight everything that goes on behind the scenes during a DC SCORES soccer season.

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Written by Mir’ed Asfour

“Coach Lacomba, I scored a goal, I scored a goal!”

Unbridled excitement and pride roared from the painted faces of the Marie Reed students, who had just completed their fourth and final set of games during the 15th Annual DC SCORES Fall Frenzy.

Reed super volunteer and alum Tanvir R. said of the boys team: “I’ve seen a lot of improvements in the communicating and passing. They’re not even looking and they know where each other are.”

Tanvir’s excitement from watching all the games was plastered across his face

“They’ve won all their games!” he pointed out animatedly.

Tanvir also mentioned the success of the girls team, saying, “The girls did well! I saw a lot of good passing, and they got a lot of goals.”

The Reed boys and girls teams also learned to play with each other when another school wasn’t present. Reed’s boys and girls teams split into four coed groups and scrimmaged, strengthening the bond between the two teams that normally don’t practice or play together.

The experience proved invaluable when Reed played a coed game against another school with fewer students.

“The first game we all played together we won 5-0 (boys) and the girls won 2-0, and then we split up because the other team had forfeited and we won all our games except the last one, which we tied,” said Jordan W. “Darnell finally made a goal!”

“It was awesome since I finally scored a goal,” Darnell B. said with a smile. “(But) my favorite part is when we faced Raymond because they’re a hard opponent, and we won.”

There was nothing but smiles on the faces of the Reed students as they headed for the bus at Anacostia
Park. After a long, hard, soccer-filled day -- mixed in, of course, with relay races; haiku writing; dancing; and more -- it was clear that all of their practice and work had come to fruition.

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