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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Inside Thomson Elementary Part VI: A semester to remember

This spring, Gabby Ingersoll, a student at American University, is volunteering for DC SCORES by spending each Monday afternoon with the poet-athletes at Thomson Elementary School observing them as they go through the stages of their service-learning project.

Each week, Gabby will write about her first-hand experience with the Thomson students as they strive to make improvements to their school and greater community. 

See pictures from Gabby’s trips to Thomson on Flickr.


Where to even begin. I cannot express my gratitude enough. I’m so thankful to have gotten the opportunity to observe this semester’s service-learning project at Thomson Elementary School. I must give a very special thanks to the coaches who always welcomed me with open arms.

Compared to the various activities I’ve blogged about before, something special stood out about following the actions of the Thomson students once a week this spring.

Every time I visited them, no matter the occasion, the kids were always interested. They wanted to learn. They were —and are — fully drawn into the program that DC SCORES made available to them.

That is truly spectacular. Motivating youth, especially a large group, is no easy task. But the amazing DC SCORES staff at Thomson has managed to do just that. They have created a program which, for the students who join DC SCORES, is an instant recipe (no pun intended!) for success.

The kids are driven to grow more in the garden, to cook more in the kitchen, to sell more at the bake sales, and to put more into their community to benefit others. Most importantly, the program has instilled in kids a desire and a work ethic to live and eat healthier. Through weekly cooking lessons with Chef Susan and soccer practices with Coach Pharis, the kids are staying on top of their nutrition and fitness.

These early impressions are crucial and can — and should — make a difference for their futures.

Although my time at Thomson was short, it will always be remembered. I learned so much in so few weeks from these inspiring students. I come away certain that in the future, each and every one of them will make their own, positive mark in this world.

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