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Monday, June 11, 2012

DC SCORES' free soccer and arts summer camps start next week

Last week and this week, there has been a void in the lives of DC SCORES participants all over the city.

No soccer practice. No coming together as a team to improve the community. 


Thanks to funding from the DC Children & Youth Investment Trust Corporation and kajeet, and donations from supporters like yourself during the Couch to Camp Campaign in March, that void will be filled beginning next week with three summer camps.

The camps for any elementary and middle schools student in the District are free and offer ample opportunities for physical fitness and self-expression. As many participants have said in the past, if not for DC SCORES, they would be sitting on their couches at home and inactive during the summer months. 

The majority of students who attend the camps are from families who don't have the resources to send their children to traditional summer camps or organized summer activities. DC SCORES provides an option that's easy to sign up for and attend -- including offering buses for kids going to or from different sides of the city.

The three camps offered are:

Five-day soccer camp
  • When: June 18-22, 10am-4pm daily
  • Who: Grades 5-8
  • Where: Kelly Miller Middle School (map)
  • What: Learn soccer skills from DC SCORES' skilled professionals. Meet and develop friendships with peers from throughout the city.
Six-week Soccer & Arts Camp
  • When: June 25-August 3, 12:30-6:30pm daily
  • Who: Grades 3-5
  • Where: Marie Reed Elementary School (map)
  • What: Learn soccer skills through daily sessions and games. Keep the mind engaged during the summer through weekly sessions including: dance, musical instruction, nutrition and more. Go on a variety of field trips, including: sports games, museums and the swimming pool.
Tubman Soccer Camp
  • When: July 9-13 & July 16-20, 12-4pm daily
  • Who: Grades 6-9
  • Where: Tubman Elementary School
  • What: Learn and develop soccer skills to prepare for the DC SCORES season through a variety of drills as well as games. Make friends with students from throughout the city. Get great exercise every day.
To sign up for summer camp, simply print out this brochure, fill it out and send it in to DC SCORES.

To read more about DC SCORES' camps and the impact they have on the over 200 students who annually make them a part of their summer, read the following blog posts from last year:

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