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Monday, April 2, 2012

Introducing our America SCORES National Poetry SLAM! participants

Deandre W., Perry Street Prep
Two weeks from today, the famous Apollo Theater will be introduced to two star poets from Washington, DC.

Ayanna V. of Noyes Education Campus and DeAndre W. of Perry Street Preparatory Public Charter School will take the stage in New York City.

The pair of poet-athletes is traveling to the Big Apple for a weekend as part of the America SCORES National Poetry SLAM!, which brings together standout poets from all 14 sites across the country to tour New York; get to know each other; and, finally, show off their poetic skills in front of each other and a large audience of SCORES supporters at the Apollo.

The bright lights should serve as no surprise to Ayanna and DeAndre. The pair has already performed in front of audiences of 400 people at the DC SCORES Poetry Slam! and read their poems on NBC’s midday show live.

Still, they’re ecstatic about the opportunity to travel to New York and represent their schools and DC SCORES. Here’s a brief introduction to both poet-athletes:

Ayanna V., 5th grade, Noyes Education Campus

Ayanna enjoys dancing, singing and playing soccer. In thinking back, her favorite memory is her ninth birthday when she went to Spoiled Rotten Kids Spa.

Ayanna is inspired by her grandmother, saying, "She helps me out and teaches me how to do things. She supports me.

Ayanna V., Noyes Education Campus
"My family loves and supports me. They make me laugh and smile when I am sad. They are unique because they tell the truth, no matter what."

Ayanna shares the values passed down from her grandmother.

"When (opponents) fall, I help them up. I look after my friends and family and ask them how they're doing. I listen."

Ayanna’s favorite athlete is Serena Williams, her go-to food is pizza, and her ideal spot for having fun and relaxing is the Chesapeake beach.

DeAndre W., 4th grade, Perry Street Preparatory Public Charter School

DeAndre not only led Perry Street Prep in taking home the coveted Golden Mic at this year’s Poetry Slam!, he also took home the Shine Award for best individual performance. DeAndre is not only a leader at school and in DC SCORES, but also at church where he is an usher, sings in the choir, and performs other leadership duties.

"I hope to be a preacher one day," DeAndre says.

His favorite author is Rick Riordan and on the soccer pitch he admires Lionel Messi. His favorite food is pizza.

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