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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Highlighting some of the best student poetry from the fall season

Beginning this week — tomorrow, in fact — we will be highlighting each of our 27 schools' performances from the 14th Annual Poetry Slam! each week on this blog. Before we get to that, however, we want to showcase some of best poems written this past fall that might not be featured in the performances you'll see.

For over two months, students — many of whom didn't even know what a poem or Haiku was prior to joining DC SCORES — learned how to write poetry and express their feelings on paper. These original works represent a small sampling from that experience that culminates in each school's 5-minute performance at the Poetry Slam!:

I Wonder
I wonder if the world sleeps
When I am awake
I wonder if I ever shrink, my thoughts will increase.
I wonder if I can ever fly
If I can lay on the clouds.

I wonder if Ms. Oliver-Kee
Can find a key to a golden chamber
And unlock all my thoughts to be real.
Telma M.
Brightwood Education Campus

Cotton Candy
Got a big rollercoaster
With a little laugh in your favorite toys world
Your mom comes and gives everyone a fun sized cupcake,
With a cherry on top.

Then comes the rain
And the darkness covers the sky
Marks and drowns the world a little

Sun won’t hurt so sun comes along
Then birds come out
Tweet their little song
The rain goes away
With the sad clouds

Count and Bye Bye sadness
Here comes happiness in the world.
Bancroft Elementary School

Pure Love
My heart shimmers.
I fall in love
My heart is breaking,
Of lakes.
I am in love,
While swans flow,
My love,
A mystery as I go on.
Where is he?
This is my best friend
My best friend’s name is Joredine
He is not here today.
He is gone.
I end in tears
Swans turn into dust
The river is no longer fast,
It is slow.
The animals look sad, I walk through the park.
They Run,
Looks like God’s Tears
It starts all over again.
Aniyah W.
Noyes Education Campus

In My Life
In my life there is track and soccer
And I always smile
In my life I feel energetic
And I eat chicken
And I go to soccer games
And I want to be allowed to do two things
In my life I heard birds sing
And it makes me feel joyful
And I want to tell the world I smile a lot
In my life people think I am smart
And never go crazy
In my life I am an athlete
And I want to be a professional
And I give 100%
Lydell V.
Aiton Elementary School

I am what I am
I am someone strong,
I have my own beat to the drum!
I call the shots down to feet.
I’m an unstoppable force of wind, I don’t think you can handle me.
Well I’m what others don’t want me to be
One day when I wake and look in the mirror, I’ll be able to say I’m more than what anyone expected me to be.
That’s why I am what I am.
Tadjanique P.
Kelly Miller Middle School

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