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Monday, August 15, 2011

Vote Keith Donohue for Volunteer of the Year

At DC SCORES, we are keenly aware of the difference small contributions can make in the lives of the youth we serve.

A $10 donation.

Two hours of face-painting at Jamboree!.

Attending a fundraising event.

Even liking a Facebook status.

Each of the above acts — and so many more — are what make serving 800-plus low-income youth in the District possible. Every act of support is so important, so impactful.

Now take any of the noted contributions and multiply it. Not by two, four or even 10. Rather, by 50.

That is the impact longtime DC SCORES supporter Keith Donohue made on dozens of nonprofits during less than six months.

Donohue, known around here as The Dominator, is the epitome of a super volunteer. Because of his 50 Give tour, during which he visited every state — including Alaska and Hawaii — and Canada and Mexico to volunteer at an organization, he has been nominated for a Stay Classy Award.

The category?

Volunteer of the Year, of course!

Now through August 26 is the time to help Keith — and more important to him, the nonprofits that he visited by simply voting (it takes 9 seconds; believe me — I just did it). After he spent thousands of hours cleaning animal shelters, helping at recycling facilities, serving meals to the homeless, picking up trash — well, you get the point — you can assist his cause with a mere click.

But an important click, too.

As Keith knows full well, small contributions go a long way. Now it’s time to reciprocate all The Dominator’s good deeds. 


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