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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Alumni profile: Queen D., H.D. Woodson High School

(If you’re an alum of DC SCORES, become a friend of the alumni Facebook page or contact Miss Katrina at khochstetler@americascores.org or 202.295.7760 to get involved.)

Queen D., 12th grade
H.D. Woodson High School

DC SCORES school: Kelly Miller Middle School

What impact did DC SCORES have on you?

I think it made me more focused because I learned that to win the games and go on the trips I had to stay on the team, so it made me pull up my grades.

What did you learn about being on a team?

Sportsmanship. That you’ve got to show good sportsmanship to the other team even though you’re against them.

What do you enjoy about being involved as an alum?

Just working with the youth and trying to make them understand how important DC SCORES should be to them like it was to us.

What specific things are you looking forward to doing?

The creative writing, poetry, helping at the Poetry Slam!. (I want to) teach them how to write poems, because I remember that when I was in creative writing in middle school I hated writing poetry. But now I write poems every night. I have a book that I write in every night.

When did you start enjoying poetry writing?

It’s not that I didn’t like writing poetry, I (just) didn’t know how to. But (my writing coach) taught me the steps of writing poetry, and how you should write a good metaphor and stuff like that. And I just started writing.

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