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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Highlighting our Inspired Art Gala student performers: MacFarland Middle School

NOTE: Each week, we are featuring a performance from the 2nd Annual Inspired Art Gala, held May 18 at the Corcoran Gallery of Art! During the Gala, seven individual poet-athletes and one team put on tremendous performances for the audience of DC SCORES supporters. Learn more about the annual Gala on our website.

The first performance of the night came from seven MacFarland Middle School students -- Idris R., Keon K., Sarah C., Jondri P., Blen G., Lizbeth E. and Yakaira P -- who performed their now-famous song "Pass you the Ball."

The song came to be last October, when The Great Unknown, a Philadelphia-based country-alternative band, visited MacFarland as part of the ASCAP Songwriter Residency @ America SCORES.

During three afternoons, the students collaborated with the group to create, sing and then record at a professional studio “hEaRt rHYthm LuV sOUnd." The students then made it their own, changing the name, practicing tirelessly and performing it to win first place at the Poetry Slam! in December.

And just last week, The Great Unknown released the commercial CD "Other Voices, Other Doors" featuring MacFarland's original song (buy it, watch The Great Unknown video version, read the blog).

So you know it's good!

See more DC SCORES videos, including summer campers step dancing, on our YouTube page.

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