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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Great Unknown releases album featuring MacFarland poet-athletes

Way back in October, MacFarland Middle School students couldn't have imagined what would come of a three-day visit from a band named The Great Unknown -- who were they, anyway?

Today, the Philadelphia-based alternative-country group released "Other Voices, Other Rooms" -- a CD featuring five songs the group collaborated on with America SCORES sites.

The album features “hEaRt rHYthm LuV sOUnd,” a track created and produced last fall by the MacFarland poet-athletes during the ASCAP Songwriter Residency @ America SCORES. The band is donating 100 percent of proceeds to the program. 

MacFarland's students enjoyed creating the song so much, they practiced it for weeks and turned it into their own "Pass you the Ball," which they performed at the Poetry Slam! -- winning first place for middle schools -- and the Inspired Art Gala

You can visit the iTunes store to purchase the DC SCORES-produced music. (If you’re not sold, listen to the video above and/or listen for free to any of the five tracks all week.)

Other Voices, Other Rooms – also available on The Great Unknown’s website at whatever price you name – is the first commercial selection of songs produced by the ASCAP program, which launched in 2006 and has previously released promotional compilation albums. 

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