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Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Century Council highlights Executive Director Amy Nakamoto for lifetime commitment to helping youth

This summer, The Century Council is highlighting its 20th anniversary of promoting healthy, safe lifestyles for America’s youth. As part of the celebration, it is honoring 20 individuals nationally “who have committed their careers and lives to our country's youth, health, safety, and fostering lasting, positive change.”

DC SCORES Executive Director Amy Nakamoto was chosen for making such a difference.

Nakamoto is being honored alongside the likes of United States Senator Tom Udall (D-New Mexico), one of several high-ranking politicians featured; former U.S. national women’s soccer team captain Julie Foudy; and Olympic gold medalist speed skater Apolo Anton Ohno.

Not bad company.

In May, Nakamoto met with The Century Council (TCC) while watching a DC SCORES middle school game to discuss what makes her passionate about having an impact on the District’s youth.

“One of the most amazing gifts we can give a young person is the gift of a team with supportive coaches and a safe emotional and physical space,” Nakamoto said.

“I believe that every child should grow up with experiences and activities that foster creativity, passion, a healthy lifestyle, and concrete skills that will carry them through to adulthood. A positive team is the glue that binds those experiences together and allows young people to develop confidence and character.”

Since Nakamoto joined DC SCORES in 2006, our program has grown to become the largest after-school provider in the District, serving more than 800 students at 26 schools — 19 elementary schools and seven middle schools. This was after she helped shape lives as a college soccer coach and created a student-athlete leadership program, and she has stressed sportsmanship and teamwork through the Positive Coaching Alliance and other organizations for over a decade.

Most importantly, Nakamoto — like the Century Council in its battle to fight drunk driving and underage drinking — is never satisfied, knowing that there are several more schools and students in the District that would benefit greatly from DC SCORES programming.

The Century Council has been a tremendous supporter of DC SCORES, including recently donating $1,500 to our Couch to Camp campaign to fund our ongoing summer camps. We are extremely appreciative of the positive attention such a well-established, accomplished organization has given us as we strive to expand and make as big a difference in the District as possible.

“Our partnership with The Century Council is incredibly important for general outreach to youth and I think that Ask, Listen, Learn and the overall message TCC is promoting is really about how to treat oneself and how to make smart decisions,” Nakamoto said.

To view Nakamoto’s profile and watch videos on what inspires her, visit the Century Council's "20 People to Watch" website.

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