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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Teacher Appreciation Week: Honoring long-time DC SCORES coach Angela Allen

Angela Allen has been a DC SCORES coach at Aiton Elementary School since 2005. Whether she’s on the sideline instructing her players, laughing with them or cheering them on during the annual Poetry Slam!, she’s become a DC SCORES staple at Aiton.

As part of Teacher Appreciation Week, we secretly asked a few Aiton poet-athletes – without telling Ms. Allen – what they thought of their long-time coach:

“Ms. Allen gives support to us.” — Kareem S.

“No matter if we lose or win, she still says good job.” — Natasha B.

“She makes us work hard in the game.” — Tyjuan P

“When we get mad at the other team, she says, ‘Don’t take it out on the girls, take it out on the game.’” — Kareemah S.

“The reason she’s a good coach is anytime we yell she says you need be a good sportsman AND play hard.” — Natasha B

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