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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Couch to Camp: Send a kid to camp this summer!

In the middle of the DC SCORES season, the focus, rightfully so, is on the great things happening at our 26 schools throughout the city.

The Writing for the Community and Literacy in Action projects our 26 schools are working on to benefit their respective communities.

The soccer games that are being played every Thursday and Friday as DC SCORES teams travel to different schools to engage in friendly competition and get exercise with their teammates.

Go to CouchToCamp.weebly.com to donate.
Both aspects of a typical DC SCORES spring season have a tremendous impact on our 800 poet-athletes, which is exactly why we want to provide such activities for the students during the summer months.

Each year, DC SCORES hosts three summer camps that help fill the gap between our seasons, providing for the District’s youth a positive environment in which to play soccer, interact with friends and do other activities.

The camps are free, which is vital for families without the means to send their kids to other camps.

We have no plans of cutting back our camps this summer. HOWEVER, we need your help to fund these so-important opportunities for DC’s youth to stay active.

Today, we are launching the Couch to Camp Campaign, with the goal of raising $10,000 by the end-of-season Jamboree! celebration June 4.

We need your help. Any donation could make the difference between a child sitting at home or playing soccer this summer:
  • $10 buys healthy snacks for one camper
  • $25 buys a soccer ball and healthy snacks for one camper
  • $50 buys a uniform (jersey, shorts, shin guards, socks), soccer ball, and healthy snacks for one camper
  • $100 buys a full week of camp for one camper including all of the above
Please help us give DC’s youth the opportunity they deserve to stay active this summer.

And let’s keep everyone off the couch!

Visit the Couch to Camp Campaign website.

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