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Monday, May 16, 2011

Inspired Art Gala to feature diversity of artwork, artists

Cissel Gott (see bio below)
We all have different tastes when it comes to art.

To some people, nothing is more beautiful than a watercolor painting. Others prefer art that can be placed on their kitchen table – a vase, a hand-molded bowl. And for some, eccentric art captures their imagination.

Well, all types of art will be on display and up for bidding at the DC SCORES Inspired Art Gala Wednesday evening at the Corcoran Gallery of Art.

Forty-five pieces representing a wide range of genres will be featured inside the Corcoran, displayed next to the DC SCORES poems that inspired their creation. There will even be artwork created, live, during the event. You’ll just have to be there to see it!

Enjoy this preview of the wealth of artwork – and professional artists -- that will be featured, and get your tickets to the Gala before it’s too late (limited tickets remain).

Kendra Frorup
Meet a few of the featured artists:

Kendra Frorup
“Collecting is part of the making,” says Frorup, a professional sculptor who teaches at her alma mater, the University of Tampa. Frorup combines cultural motivation and a thorough investigation of materials and their evocative qualities in her sculptures. Says Gil DeMeza, one of her former professors: “(Her) unique ability to take the old, the used and discarded and turn them into other worldly, incalculably exquisite moments in time is a magical talent.”

John Lloyd
Lloyd has been photographing natural scenes for over 25 years. He is an avid hiker and outdoorsperson and a great appreciator of natural beauty, from grand scenic landscapes to the patterns in leaves of vegetables. While traveling in southern Arizona, he developed an appreciation for the plants, rocks, and topography of the “Sky Islands” region, as evidenced by his photograph of Coronado Peak in the Huachucha Mountains (pictured).
John Lloyd

Cissel Gott
A longtime graphic designer, Gott enjoys the differing and “freeing environment of pure art and the third dimension: the tactile, the fullness, the realness of touching/molding clay.” Says Gott: “Inspiration often bombards me, making narrowing the choices the hard part, but the clay tells me what it wants to be, and it will fight back if I try to force it.”

Beth Pacentrilli
Beth Pacentrilli
Pacentrilli enjoys creativity in many forms, weather she’s making moves on the soccer field, writing or creating artwork. She is on a constant mission to express herself through these outlets. “Literature and art are means of outwardly expressing innermost visions,” Pacentrilli says. “I cannot imagine living without creativity and expression, and I feel they exercise the mind and soul as much as soccer invigorates the spirit.”

For more information on the Inspired Art Gala, visit the event website or contact Cielo Contreras at ccontreras@americascores.org or 202.393.6999 x312.

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