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Monday, March 21, 2011

Poet-athlete profile: Jackeline A., Thomson Elementary School

Jackeline A., 5th Grade
Thomson Elementary School

Years in DC SCORES: 3

Why did you join DC SCORES?

I wanted to join DC SCORES because I knew that my friends were in it and they told me about it. They encouraged me to come (and told me) that there would be poetry, because I liked writing poetry and I liked playing games.

What is your favorite part of DC SCORES?

My favorite part is that you get poetry because I love poetry, and we get to play (soccer), which is very good for exercising – that’s what I love – and teamwork.

What position do you play on the soccer field?

Midfield and defender.

What have you learned from your soccer coaches?

I have learned a lot more moves and a lot (through practice) – kicking and throwing and all the rules about soccer.

What’s your favorite DC SCORES event?

The Jamboree! because we got to play with all the schools (from across the city) and we got to do activities.

What’s your favorite thing about writing poetry?

I like writing what I feel, what I see. I can use all my senses. It’s really cool.

Favorite athlete: Lionel Messi

Favorite singer: I like Shakira because she sings songs, and she wrote a song about soccer.

Favorite food: I like tacos, I like salad.

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