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Monday, March 14, 2011

DC SCORES spring season begins today

Did you get outside yesterday and feel the warm rays of sun? If not, you should have because it felt like spring had finally arrived.

Just in time for DC SCORES’ spring season!

That’s right. Today marks the beginning of what should be a tremendous season for the program’s participants throughout the city. This afternoon, students will strap on their shin guards and head outside; and they’ll head to the classroom to start brainstorming service-learning project ideas.

It’s the day many of them have been waiting for since early December. Sure, there have been soccer clinics and other winter activities at some schools. But there’s nothing quite like the feeling of being on a team and knowing that a season of growing together lies ahead of you.

This spring, DC SCORES will serve more students (over 800) at more schools (26) than ever before. In addition to the 25 returning schools from the fall, we’re adding programming at Moten Elementary School in Ward 8. Welcome to the DC SCORES family, Moten.

And welcome back, students and, of course, coaches.

Let’s get this fresh season underway.

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