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Monday, February 14, 2011

Poet-athlete profile: Alexander R., Tubman Elementary School

Alexander R., 5th grade
Tubman Elementary School

Years in DC SCORES: 2

Why did you join DC SCORES?

"Because through soccer you get to make friends and have fun."

What's your favorite part of DC SCORES?

"When we practice soccer and learn skills, and writing poetry because I like to write poems."

Did you play soccer before DC SCORES?

“This is the only team I’ve played with.”

What's it like being on a team?

"I feel great being on a real team, because I’ve never been on a team before and having friends around you that you like to play with (is cool)."

What soccer skills have you learned?

“I’ve learned how to dribble and get control of the ball."

What's your favorite DC SCORES memory?

“The Fall Frenzy because I made one goal for my team.”

What do you like about poetry?

“I like poems that rhyme and I enjoy writing poetry."

What would you do after school without DC SCORES?

“I’d be at home, wishing I was playing soccer somewhere.”

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