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Monday, January 3, 2011

Poet-athlete profile: Alexander H., Kelly Miller Middle School

Alexander H., 7th grade
Kelly Miller Middle School

Years in DC SCORES: 5 (1 at Benning, 2 at C.W. Harris, 2 at Kelly Miller)

What's your favorite part of DC SCORES?

“All of it”

What's your favorite part about the Poetry Slam!?

“You get to sing songs and stuff”

What position do you play on the soccer field? 

“Midfield. You get to run to the ball and try to score.”

What's your favorite DC SCORES event? 

“The Fall Frenzy. You get to play different types of games and have fun.”

What has DC SCORES taught you?

“That you can get good if you practice and learn how to write poems and songs.”

What do you most like about writing poems and songs?

“You get to express how you feel and what other people think about it.”

Favorite rapper: Waka Flocka

Favorite sports team: Redskins

Favorite athlete: Santana Moss

Favorite food: soft tacos.

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