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Monday, August 23, 2010

With school starting, benefits of DC SCORES programming are seen in the classroom

Throughout the District today it’s back to school, as students grab their backpacks and gear up for another year.

This, of course, also means that the beginning of DC SCORES programming is right around the corner. Among their other several duties this week, our group of SCORES Corps teachers are preparing their after-school curriculum for Sept. 13.

But while DC SCORES doesn’t directly relate to what students do during the school day – and doesn’t involve completing schoolwork assignments -- it’s been proven several times that our program has a positive effect on students’ performances in the classroom.

Just consider these numbers from our most recent outcomes evaluation, published last January:

81% of middle school students indicated that they liked school, a 7% increase from their opinions before the program started.

90% of elementary school students reported that they participated in class

89% of middle school students reported that they could ask their teachers for help, an 11% increase

And 93% of students believed that they will pass to the next grade, 92% believed they will graduate from high school, and 82% believed they will graduate from high school

We might not be able to prove that SCORES students have significantly higher test scores at this time, but it’s a given that kids who are more engaged in school perform better. Especially those who might otherwise zone out and not participate.

With school starting today, it’s an exciting time of year. Programming hasn’t quite started yet for DC SCORES students, but the benefits students gain from the program are probably being seen already.

Registration for the fall 2010 season is open at our 25 schools. Visit the Resource Center section of our Web site to learn more.

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