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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

See DC SCORES in action on YouTube

In this day and age, we know it’s simply not enough to read about something. Or view pictures, for that matter. Yes, we’re an extremely fast-moving society, and sometimes a quick video is the preferred means of getting news or being entertained.

Here at DC SCORES, we’re trying to keep up with the times – providing information about and glimpses into our unique program through several different outlets. We’ve heavily publicized our blog, our Facebook fan page and our Twitter account.

We haven’t, however, talked too much about our YouTube channel. Well, now’s the time. By simply going to our page, you can view every video we’ve been featured in – whether we created them (such as the several clips from May’s first annual Inspired Art Gala) or they’re from a media source.

Whatever the case, it’s another outlet through which you can learn more about our program – although, of course, nothing can match actually coming out to a school to see the poet-athletes recite their works in the classroom or run up and down the soccer field.

So check out our YouTube channel, which you can subscribe to, and stay as up to date as possible in this crazy, fast-as-light-moving society.

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