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Friday, June 25, 2010

Live blog Day 2: DC SCORES still juggling toward $130,000 goal

5:38 p.m. — It's been a long afternoon of juggling. Almost all of the challenges have been met, but things are not over. In fact, a new crew of DC SCORES staff members and friends just arrived.

And there is plenty of time to donate to the cause. We're at $46,046 raised, so clearly we're well short of our goal of $130,000.

But remember that while the juggling stops today — yes, we'll be back at the office Monday, hard at work — the Kick, Click, & SCORE Challenge continues until the end of the World Cup July 11. 

A big thanks to everyone who's donated to help  support 700 DC youth so far, and let's keep the donations coming. 

After all, this really is all about the kids — our future jugglers.

1:56 p.m. -- Don't think your friend, or cousin, or co-worker can juggle a soccer ball, say, 25 times without the ball touching the ground? Then challenge him or her! Over the last half hour, several small challenges have been issued on kickclickandscore.org. It's easy to do, and a way to make the weekend arrive even sooner! We've got the soccer balls ready for you in the coned-off circle at 18th and M and we'll be there until 7. 

12:43 p.m. — For the second time in 20 minutes, a soccer pro is in the ring. An Iranian, who played in Iran and now plays in the States, stepped into the ring and put on a show. Balancing the ball on his foot for several seconds.

Kicking the ball straight up, kissing it, then catching it on his foot.

Lifting the ball over his head and catching it on the back of his head.

This guy is incredible!

Yes, you don't need to go to South Africa to see amazing. Just come to 18th and M! 

12:04 p.m. — The pros are out and about. The Portugal-Brazil game didn't produce a single goal, but we're SCORE-ing here at 18th and M. Abye, a former minor league soccer player, stopped by for some hard-core juggling, and now fans streaming out of the bars are stopping by to try to emulate their favorite players. $35,214 raised. Let's keep the donations coming! 

10:55 a.m. — The sun is scorching, and so are the feet. Amy and I have been trying to juggle back and forth at least 25 times for the last hour and a half. Of course, this would be easy if I weren't a beginner juggler. But we've kept going, wiping the sweat away, and now it's back into the ring. Money raised: $30,034. 

8:46 a.m. — Guess what? We’re back at 18th and M this morning juggling a soccer ball. That’s right — it’s Day 2 of the Kick, Click, & SCORE Challenge, and we’re not going to stop juggling — specifically Executive Director Amy Nakamoto — until our goal of reaching $130,000 raised is met.

The morning got off to a great fundraising start, with D.C. United pledging $5,000, which was matched by our anonymous, and very generous, donor — putting us at $27,468. The climb remains very steep, but there’s no stopping anytime soon.

It’s going to be another hot one, which should make what we’re doing seem even more meaningful.

And in case you haven’t seen it yet, we were all over Fox-5 yesterday, live on the news.

Much more to come…

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