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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

You helped kids create change on Do More 24!

UPDATE: Thank you to all of our donors for helping us raise $11,046 during Do More 24! Scroll to the bottom to see our high five list of everyone that contributed!


Today is Do More 24, the biggest day of giving in the DC area for more than 700 local nonprofits. This is a day to celebrate and support the hundreds of incredibly important causes in the region, and we hope you'll support DC SCORES to help us achieve our goal of $10,000 raised during 24 hours!

We're so inspired by the desire to help create change in the community from all of our DC SCORES participants. During the spring SCORES season, we've witnessed a wide variety of service-learning projects including toy making for local animal shelters, educational skits for parents, healthy lifestyle awareness campaigns, Barnard Elementary School holding a march for immigrants' rights, and many, many more! 

As with each giving day we participate in, we understand the impact of every single donation. To show this, we will track and update the list of donor High Fives below during the 24 hours! We will also give shout-outs on Twitter and Facebook throughout the day! You can CLICK TO TWEET, too.

High Fives List!, time
Dahna Goldstein, 11:48pm
Heather Copeland, 11:31pm
Melanie Fineman, 11:31pm
John Lloyd, 11:28pm
Martin Palacios, 11:23pm
Emily Schulman, 11:12pm
Anonymous, 11:10pm
Heidi Hochstetler, 11:06pm
James Armold, 11:02pm
Maryann Jacobsen, 10:45pm
John Guzman, 10:22pm
Kelsi Moran, 10:16pm
Emma Peterson, 10:04pm
Phillip Knight, 10:00pm
Carlos Fonseca, 9:47pm
Aleta Greer, 9:31pm
Katherine Makris, 9:30pm
Madeline Harrington, 9:14pm
Cal Klausner, 9:09pm
Stanley Kober, 9:04pm
Ryan Kelley, 8:56pm
Simon Landau, 8:42pm
Nick DiMarco, 8:39pm
Launa Hochstetler, 8:35pm
Leah Hochstetler, 8:34pm
Mary and Terry Fairbanks, 8:25pm
John Kemp, 8:24pm
Felix Lloyd, 8:22pm
Christina Tunison, 8:21pm
Sharon Plonsker, 8:19pm
Judith Kemp, 8:14pm
Jessica Rosen, 8:08pm
Shayna Tivona, 8:06pm
Jesse B. Rauch, 8:05pm
Martha Kirk Richardson, 8:03pm
Greg Sisson, 8:02pm
Chester Pennock, 7:55pm
Anonymous, 7:51pm
Jacqui Kemp, 7:50pm
Andrea Custis, 7:48pm
Dimi Venkov, 7:47pm
Mary Kusler, 7:46pm
Anonymous, 7:40pm
Angel Horacek, 7:38pm
Beth Hofer, 7:30pm
Greg James, 7:26pm
Daniel Henderson, 7:24pm
Lucas Eckman, 7:21pm
Anonymous, 7:16pm
David Owens, 7:13pm
Zach Warren, 6:48pm
Kemba Ford, 6:43pm
Sharyn Sutton, 6:41pm
Ignacio Stearns, 6:38pm
Aya Takeuchi, 6:28pm
Anonymous, 6:04pm
Charlie Davis, 6:00pm
Nigel Stacey, 5:59pm
Jacqui Kemp, 5:59pm
Jeremy Rupp, 5:58pm
Sara Kushma, 5:56pm
John Lingerfelt, 5:54pm
Lily Goldstein, 5:53pm
Kelly Sheehan, 5:51pm
Jeffrey Koung, 5:47pm
David Sheon, 5:39pm
Chloe Doto, 5:33pm
Rob Freeman, 5:27pm
Marisa Joelson, 5:27pm
Will Sutton, 5:19pm
Sunithi Hindagolla, 5:14pm
Brian Sanker, 5:13pm
Anonymous, 5:05pm
Karen Sutton, 5:03pm
Anne Copeland, 5:03pm
Nicholas Poitras, 5:02pm
David Goodwin, 5:00pm
James Frison, 4:58pm
Bob and Patty Watkins, 4:46pm
Lauren Bateman, 4:45pm
Chris Richardson, 4:43pm
Sean Hinkle, 4:36pm
Joshua McGee, 4:33pm
Samuel Healy, 4:26pm
Elizabeth Watkins, 4:25pm
Tony Francavilla, 4:24pm
Jess Trevelyan, 4:21pm
Deeana Klepper, 4:19pm
Traci Lee, 4:19pm
Michael Riggins, 4:17pm
CJ Trevelyan, 4:17pm
Peña Madridista, 4:13pm
Ella Trevelyan, 4:13pm
Anonymous, 4:13pm
Emma Okpych, 4:12pm
Christine Okpych, 4:10pm
Stu Trevelyan, 4:09pm
Geoffrey Okpych, 4:09pm
Laura Straus, 4:07pm
Tim and Kathy Hinkle, 4:07pm
Marie Okpych, 4:07pm
Walter Okpych IV, 4:05pm
Rachel Klepper, 4:01pm
Ronya Corey, 4:00pm
Alyson Blair, 3:59pm
Noelle Gires, 3:44pm
Carl Cohen, 3:32pm
Julie Anne Rogers, 3:13pm
Barbara Penzner, 3:03pm
Alyssa Sheinbaum, 2:49pm
Stephanie Dencik, 2:25pm
Julia Thayer, 2:31pm
Sara Sutton, 2:18pm
Dahlia Chaudhury, 2:12pm
Adam Rubinfield, 2:07pm
Anonymous, 2:04pm
Tim Swartzendruber, 1:59pm
Christopher Verbeck, 1:57pm
Jason Finney, 1:57pm
Alexandra Tilsley, 1:25pm
Elaine Lu, 1:25pm
Anthony Piccari, 1:05pm
Jack Reagan, 1:04pm
Jessica Scheer, 12:38pm
Melani Robinson, 12:23pm
Emily Kruger, 11:57am
Chris Bellmyer, 11:48am
Jocelyn Potts, 11:48am
Dori Hazan, 11:47am
Susana Hill, 11:38am
Allison Brown, 11:37am
Jessica Trevelyan, 11:33am
Holly O'Donnell, 11:22pm
Sarah Helinek, 11:16am
Anonymous, 11:16am
Lee Goldstein, 11:14am
Alex Collins, 11:07am
Cheryl Gregory, 10:51am
Ed Lohmeyer, 10:44am
Gerald Andriole, 10:42am
Joseph Heilman, 10:33am
Hafid Dumet, 10:30am
Amy Nakamoto, 10:22am
Dawn Loper, 10:10am
Faisal AlBanna, MD, 10:01am
Steve Petros, 10:00am
Andrew Guild, 9:56am
Gerald Prado, 9:41am
Rachel Storey, 9:35am
Anonymous, 9:34am
Anonymous, 9:33am
Courtney Smith, 9:26am
Elaine Walizer, 9:19am
Michael McRae, 9:18am
Gabby Albanna, 9:17am
Perry Smith, 9:14am
Sandy Jumonville Brown, 9:10am
Robert Warshaw, 9:02am
Mary Kennedy, 9:00am
Kristin Foti, 8:44am
Casey Forgey, 8:17am
Joshua Freedholm, 8:17am
Erich Walizer, 8:08am
Joshua Coolidge, 8:00am
Tim Preotle, 7:59am
Kelly Harley, 7:58am
David Crespo, 7:45am
Lorena Palacios, 7:38am
Karen Lovitch, 7:23am
David Eli Owens, 7:18am
Kuang Li, 7:18am
Kenneth Owens, 7:17am
Katrina Owens, 7:15am
Jennifer Oxley, 7:07am
Deb Buch, 7:02am
Anne H. Woodworth, 6:54am
Bethany Henderson, 6:54am
Patricia Zebrowski, 6:45am
Stevie Smith, 6:44am
Brian Wright, 6:44am
Mary Ann Badavi, 6:18am
Zach Straus, 6:00am
Steph Wolfram, 6:00am
Jake Lloyd, 6:00am
Alexandra Hyman, 6:00am
Melissa Surette, 4:01pm (6/5)
Anya and Mike Ruben, 5:25pm (6/1)
Jake Lloyd, 2:45pm (5/30)

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