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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Spring SCORES with the Tigers, Part VI: Timelines & Tasks

This spring, we are following Amidon-Bowen's season highlighting their service-learning project, but also attending games and soccer practices. The Tigers are located in Southwest D.C. in Ward 6. You can follow along on Twitter and Instagram.

Written by Lorena Palacios
Communications Intern

During my very first day as an intern at DC SCORES, I had the privilege of hanging out with the kids of Amidon-Bowen and learning about their service-project, Fight 4 Fitness.

Even though it was a bit windy outside, it was overall a great day to start off with some soccer. Coach Lee and Coach Carlos had the Tigers practicing their passes and getting used to using both of their feet. The poet-athletes then went on to have some 1v1 drills to get them warmed up for their scrimmage. These kids are seriously so skilled with the ball. During the game, one of the goalies scored from their side of the field!

After such an exciting game, everyone was in a great mood to start setting a timeline and specific tasks that are going into Fight 4 Fitness.

The Media, Marketing, and Information Desk committees each started brainstorming specific goals each group is going to put into place to accomplish their overall objectives for their project. Their four main goals are: to raise awareness about their program within their school community, inform the students about the importance of healthy eating and drinking plenty of water, remind everyone to exercise daily, and teach families how to incorporate these habits into their lives at home.

Last week, the Marketing committee put up posters in the school's hallways about healthy eating portion sizes. The Information Desk is going to share quick and easy recipes, like strawberry balsamic and spinach salad. Finally, the Media committee was gathering research about healthy facts to include in the morning announcements starting the very next day.

Did you know that the healthiest food item in the world is a lemon? I didn't know until the kids in the Media committee found that out in their research!

As always, Mr. Keck, Coach Lee, Coach Carlos, and Coach Pecot were very helpful in assisting the committees during their brainstorming and planning process.

It was such a great experience being able to spend my afternoon at Amidon-Bowen. All the coaches and kids were super welcoming and made my first day better than I could have ever imagined. I'm looking forward to going back and continue sharing their progress and results for their Fight 4 Fitness service-project.

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