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Friday, December 2, 2016

Bonding with the Bears, Part VI: Finishing up the season after Poetry Slam!

Every week this fall we will be visiting the Barnard Bears during poetry sessions and soccer games to document the progress of the Bears. Follow along to see how students develop their writing and soccer skills and how the team comes together. We will bring you individual poet-athletes' stories in addition to stories about the team as a whole. Follow along our journey with the Bears on Twitter @DCSCORESInterns & Instagram @DC_SCORES


Written by Elaine Lu 
Communications Intern

Though some of the students' spirits were down after they didn't place in the Poetry Slam!, they bounced right back. The students still have a strong love for poetry and finished up the season strong feeling great!

"They did an amazing job at Poetry Slam!," poetry coach Hannah Ehlers said. "I was so proud of their performance and could see that they were too!"

"It gives me hope to know that the Barnard Bears are the next generation and will change history!"

Added poet-athlete Lison: "We were preparing a lot because we wanted to be not perfect, but we wanted to be great. It's not about if we win or not, it's about having fun. I wasn't upset, I was actually happy because we got to have fun and it's not all about winning, it's about having fun."

It is attitudes like hers that make this team so incredible. The Barnard Bears are a great group of kids that have touched the hearts of everyone, like myself, who have worked with them.

"I loved coaching poetry with the Barnard Bears this season and can't wait for the winter season on nutrition," Ehlers said. "I loved getting to know the poet-athletes and watching them grow and learn."

From looking at the impact that the Bears have made on their coaches, it is evident that these kids are remarkable.

For Lindsey Sharp, one of the soccer coaches, "working with the Barnard Bears this season has been filled with many lessons for both the kids and [my]self."

Each kid on the Barnard Bears stood out and brought a different perspective to the team, a dynamic that Sharp said made the experience all the more rewarding.

"Our team was very well-rounded in terms of skill level as well as cultural diversity, which allowed all of the kids to come together seamlessly," Sharp said. "I was constantly impressed by the kids' ability to work together as a team and help each other improve their technique throughout the season.

"The Barnard bond has been exceptional season-long and I am excited to coach such wonderful kids again next season!"

Over the last 10 weeks, I've seen these students grow into incredibly talented poet-athletes. With every poetry session, every practice, and every game, I've watched each child grow more into the wonderful future leader that s/he will be. I can't wait to see what the upcoming seasons will bring for the Barnard Bears!

The Barnard Bears will DEFINITELY change history! Thank you for adding to my wonderful experience working at DC SCORES!

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