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Monday, October 10, 2016

DC SCORES covers DC: Amidon-Bowen Elementary School, Ward 6

As DC SCORES has grown over the past several years -- from 20 schools, to adding middle schools in 2006, to 27 schools, then 42, and now to 60 sites, including several recreation centers that make up the first-ever DC City Soccer League -- we've expanded our reach across Washington, DC. And now we serve 2,200 kids in neighborhoods throughout the entire city -- meaning all eight wards. This fall, we'll bring to you a highlight program in each ward.

The series continues with Amidon-Bowen Elementary School in Ward 6. Though this is only the second year that DC SCORES has been at Amidon-Bowen, the school quickly embraced the program and participation has grown exponentially. Coach Carlos Granados predicts that especially soccer will increase in popularity in the school community when D.C. United's new new soccer stadium is built in the neighborhood.

The team is motivated by its coaches, and it is evident that the children hold a great deal of admiration for them. All of the coaches command a great amount of respect and do an incredible job shaping these young poet-athletes.

Amidon Elementary School (2015)
Eliot-Hine Middle School (2014)
Jefferson Middle School (2012)
Miner Elementary School (2013)
Payne Elementary School (2015) 

Amidon-Bowen FUN FACTS
Year DC SCORES started: 2015
Ward: 6
Team mascot: Tigers
Uniform color: orange
Coaches: Soccer -- Leevon Floyd, Carlos Granados; Poetry -- Kenisha Pecot, Leevon Floyd
2016 service-learning project: Beautified a neighborhood park through painting, picking up trash, and gardening.

“I’m really proud of what we’ve built here. I’m really proud of what it’s become. I’m thankful to DC SCORES for letting me give back to my community.”
 - Carlos Granados, a former Amidon-Bowen student & current DC SCORES soccer coach

"Poetry allows me to interact with students that I do not have the opportunity to see and also bond and build relationships."
- Kenisha Pecot, poetry coach & teacher at Amidon-Bowen

"Our teachers Ms. Pecot and Coach Lee help us with lines, stanzas, and line breaks so we can be successful in poetry." - Martin W., 10

"DC SCORES makes our school proud." - Dominique W., 11



10.1.15 -- D.C. United Soccer Club consolidates with DC SCORES (which brought Amidon in)


12.3.15: Amidon performs at Poetry Slam! 

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