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Monday, September 26, 2016

DC SCORES covers DC: Thomson Elementary School, Ward 2

As DC SCORES has grown over the past several years -- from 20 schools, to adding middle schools in 2006, to 27 schools, then 42, and now to 60 sites, including several recreation centers that make up the first-ever DC City Soccer League -- we've expanded our reach across Washington, DC. And now we serve 2,200 kids in neighborhoods throughout the entire city -- meaning all eight wards. This fall, we'll bring to you a highlight program in each ward.

We begin the series with a brief look at Thomson Elementary School in Ward 2. The program has grown incredibly popular under the stability of soccer coach Mark "Popsie" Lewis, an array of tremendous writing coaches, and a large and supportive community of families who travel en mass to the Tigers' games despite them all being away from the school that has no soccer field. The majority of kids in the program at Thomson continue with DC SCORES during middle school, many of them joining Popsie who also coaches soccer at Lincoln Middle School.

"They need a little bit more nurturing, a little more attention, but because of that, you get that back from the kids," said longtime soccer coach Mark "Popsie" Lewis. "The Thomson kids, I will always feel grateful to have the opportunity to coach them because they are so genuine. It really makes the coaches very appreciative of their feedback and the love that they give back.”


  • KIPP DC: WILL (2012)
  • Seaton Elementary (2012)
  • Thomson Elementary (2007)

  • Year DC SCORES started: 2006
  • Ward: 2
  • Team mascot: Tigers
  • Soccer uniform color: Burgundy
  • Coaches: Soccer -- Mark "Popsie" Lewis, Shayna Tivona, Veronica Emerick; Poetry -- Shayna Tivona, Veronica Emerick, Michael Langen
  • 2016 service-learning project: Teamed up with DowntownDC BID to clean up Franklin Park

Coach Mark "Popsie" Lewis on DC SCORES at Thomson:
"[At] Thomson the teachers are great there: the staff, the principal, everyone is behind DC SCORES so it’s really a special place for DC SCORES because the love is just there for the program. I know I appreciate it, and I know everyone at DC SCORES appreciates it.” 

Coach Shayna Tivona (left) with former DC SCORES coach and D.C. United goal Travis Worra, DC Deputy Mayor for Education Jennifer Niles and Poetry Slam! Shine Award winner Dayana P.

Coach Veronica Emerick on the impact of DC SCORES at Thomson
“The kids get really excited about poetry. Now teaching the poetry side, I see how much they start to care about poetry. Then you involve the soccer with the poetry, then it leads to [them] getting excited about learning and using what they do in class with us and transferring it to the field. The skills coincide and they just get excited about learning, which I think is fantastic.” 

"I like DC SCORES because it is fun and it makes me happy." - Diego B.

"Thomson Elementary is a caring, helpful, and creative school, and we help each other."  -Samara A.

"Thomson Elementary [DC SCORES] communicates more than other schools and we are more friendly. I'm glad I go to Thomson now because I think that this is the best school I ever went to." -Saliyah B. 

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12.2.2015: Thomson performs at Poetry Slam!


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