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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Summer campers learn how to build and spy with Clark Construction

Written by Kelsi Moran
Communications Intern

An air of curiosity filled the room as eyes lit up in wonder and excited chatter echoed, each camper soaking up every word of the Spy Museum presentation. Whether creating or listening, campers’ imaginations ran wild as they learned more about spies and what they may find in the still-being-constructed Spy Museum by L'Enfant Plaza.

This past Friday's exclusive presentation at the new building was made possible by DC SCORES longtime partner Clark Construction, which had several employees on hand to lead the students through an action-packed afternoon.

It began with campers expressing themselves and using their imaginations to build their own Spy Museums out of construction paper, paper plates, and numerous other crafting materials. Each group put their creative skills to use to bring to life their visions.

Once the museums were created, the campers got a chance to experience virtual reality headsets. These goggles gave the wearer an idea of what the future Spy Museum will look.

“The goggles were awesome!” said Frank M., 8, a summer camp participant. “I could see large windows and a huge staircase!”

Spy Museum Youth Education Director Jacqueline Eyl presented about different items that spies may use and their purposes. Using things such as a soda can and shaving cream as props, Eyl gave campers a glimpse into the secret world of spies.

“The Spy Museum has the largest collection of spy gadgets in the world," Eyl said.

The campers marveled at the information Eyl shared with them, and hands shot up in the air to ask questions.

Finally, an afternoon well spent inside the soon-to-be museum complete, students and Clark employees spilled outside to play game of soccer to complete a perfectly constructed day in partnership.

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