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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Change a kid's life by giving on Do More 24!

Today is Do More 24, the biggest giving day in the DC area for more than 700 local nonprofits. It's a day to celebrate and support the hundreds of incredibly important causes in the region, and we hope you'll support DC SCORES and help us achieve our goal of $9,000 raised during 24 hours!

This time of year, we're energized because we hear from “alumni” of our program who are graduating high school and going to college. This is a BIG DEAL for them -- many are the first from their families to attend school. One such alumnus is Edwin, whose absolutely incredible journey was on the front page of The Washington Post. UPDATE: Edwin is heading to Princeton. Amazing!

In 21 years, DC SCORES has served over 9,000 DC kids who are now alumni. Kids who have stories like Edwin’s. Hear from a few alumni HERE (or above) about what DC SCORES means to them, and please make more stories possible by providing a team for an at-risk DC child with a gift on Do More 24.

As with each giving day we participate in, we understand the impact of every single donation. To show this, we will track and update the list of donor High Fives below during the 24 hours! We will also give shoutouts on Twitter and Facebook throughout the day!

Soccer jerseys + poetry journals ($28 value) given: 482

High Fives List!, time
Amanda Potter Sacks, 11:59pm
Anonymous, 11:26pm
Matthew Leemhuis, 11:26pm
Anthony Brown, 11:18pm
John Lloyd, 11:10pm
Betty Schulman, 11:05pm
Dan Alt, 11:01pm
Glenn Gray, 11pm
William Cundiff, 10:48pm
Andrew Gaeckle, 10:46pm
Michael Gomez, 10:45pm
Juliana Williems, 10:44pm
Melani Robinson, 10:42pm
Monisha Kapila, 10:34pm
Mira Smith, 10:33pm
Brian Levenson, 10:28pm
Melani Fineman, 10:26pm
Matt Hudson, 10:16pm
Yael Rhodes, 10:15pm
Corey Timbers, 10:11pm
Mary and Terry Fairbanks, 10:04pm
Lily Goldstein, 9:58pm
Martin Weiss, 9:55pm
Charlotte Gruen, 9:47pm
John Guzman, 9:44pm
Adi Rose & Eliana Henderson, 9:44pm
Tim Spear, 9:42pm
Ryan Marchbank, 9:40pm
Andrew Johnson, 9:20pm
Jessica Trevelyan, 9:19pm
Nancy Armour, 9:19pm
Edwin Lohmeyer, 9:16pm
Anonymous, 9:15pm
Stephanie Wolfram, 9:11pm
Kenneth Clash, 8:48pm
C Douglas and Joi Hollis, 8:43pm
Kevin Jackson, 8:39pm
Ralph Pace, 8:30pm
Marisa Majsak, 8:12pm
Christine Okpych, 8:06pm
Jeff Schwartz, 7:59pm
Anonymous, 7:53pm
Judith Kemp, 7:50pm
Heidi Hochstetler, 7:45pm
Karen Lloyd, 7:45pm
Charles Baker, 7:43pm
Maria Cabieses, 7:23pm
Michael Nelson, 7:03pm
Anonymous, 6:54pm
Connie Lindenauer, 6:37pm
Geoff Okpych, 6:31pm
Roberto Castello-Ortiz, 6:27pm
Aleta Greer, 6:16pm
Laura Perry, 6:13pm
Brandon Frazier, 6:06pm
Anonymous, 5:59pm
Simon Landau, 5:54pm
Elaine Lasnik-Broida, 5:50pm
Emily Baskin, 5:49pm
Leah Hochstetler, 5:43pm
Seth Davidson, 5:38pm
Nikki Allinson, 5:32pm
Ronald Buch, 5:31pm
Tammy White, 5:25pm
Mary Kusler, 5:23pm
Mary Lord, 5:14pm
Tim Preotle, 5:10pm
Liora Klepper, 5:06pm
Jacqui Kemp, 4:57pm
Chris Hudler, 4:56pm
Meredith Whitfield, 4:54pm
Karen Lovtich, 4:53pm
Deb Freedholm, 4:52pm
Anonymous, 4:49pm
Felix and Jordan Bookey Lloyd, 4:45pm
Dahna Goldstein, 4:44pm
Melissa Kambouris, 4:42pm
Sean Hinkle, 4:34pm
Tiffany Pereira, 4:33pm
Robert Kraus, 4:30pm
Rockford Weitz, 4:29pm
Neil Cave, 4:27pm
Erin Gill, 4:26pm
Kathy and Tim Hinkle, 4:25pm
Joshua McGee, 4:19pm
Walter Okpych, 4:18pm
Justin Feltman, 4:16pm
Denna Klepper, 4:15pm
Stephanie Dencik, 4:14pm
Eric Ahearn, 4:13pm
Dan Henderson, 4:12pm
Cielo Contreras, 4:10pm
Bethany Rubin Henderson, 4:10pm
Anthony Francavilla, 4:03pm
Andrea Custis, 4pm
Mark Sincevinch, 3:35pm
Joe Heilman, 3:28pm
Alyson Blair, 2:52pm
Michelle Malebranche, 2:51pm
Carlos Fonseca, 2:44pm
Jeff Prudhomme, 2:41pm
Gregory Honan, 2:37pm
Dustin Fronczak, 2:31pm
Matt Winton, 2:29pm
David Rivera, 2:21pm
Anonymous, 2:14pm
Stephen Eberhardt, 2:09pm
Robert Levine, 2:08pm
Hannah Estifanos, 2:06pm
Rachael Levine, 1:43pm
Maureen Mahon, 1:29pm
Maura Vanderzon, 1:20pm
Michael Rocco, 1:19pm
Rachel Hampton, 1:18pm
Greg Richey, 1:04pm
Amy Nakamoto, 1:04pm
Robert Warshaw, 1:04pm
Holly O'Donnell, 1:03pm
Benjamin Fax, 12:57pm
Amy and Fred Rubin, 12:55pm
Lisa Rita, 12:32pm
Phillip Knight, 12:26pm
Pamela Cranna, 12:23pm
Beth Powell, 12:13pm
Anonymous, 12:11pm
Sebastian Driver Salazar, 12:09pm
Angela Gillis, 12:09pm
Robert McCarthy, 12:05pm
Mary Amorosino, 12:05pm
Joshua Shnider, 11:45am
Matt Anzur, 11:34am
Sue Bell, 11:31am
Cristine Romano, 11:30am
Nancy Bagot, 11:24am
Dave Crespo, 11:22am
Catherine Heron, 11:17am
Steve Goodman, 11:16am
Jessica Trevelyan, 11:13am
Albert Schneider, 11:13am
Andrea Custis, 11:12am
Jake Lloyd, 11:10am
Greta Poku-Adjei, 11:08am
Sam Healy, 11:08am
Katrina Owens, 11:07am
Walter Okpych, 11:07am
Hal Kenety, 11:07am
Taylor Russell, 11:06am
Kenny Owens, 11:06am
Tricia Aoki, 11:05am
Adam Rubinfield, 11:05am
Dana Harris, 11:04am
Rachel Klepper, 11:03am
Anonymous, 11:03am
Sarah Merchak, 11am
Marilyn Neiswander, 10:53am
Mo Lyons, 10:51am
Patricia Zebrowski, 10:40am
Jennifer Neville, 10:39am
Chloe Zachary, 10:37am
Aya Takeuchi, 10:33am
Steve Lilley, 10:25am
Anonymous, 10:23am
Robert and Patty Watkins, 10:23am
Walter Okpych, 10:21am
David Sheon, 10:08am
Sherika and Ben Shnider, 10:03am
Carlos Espindola, 9:59am
Chris Richardson, 9:58am
Duha Elmardi, 9:57am
Elizabeth Bradley, 9:48am
Carl and Marji Smith, 9:47am
Deborah Short, 9:42am
Ainsley Daigle, 9:39am
Paul Jackson, 9:33am
Lauren Bogard, 9:25am
John Neiswander, 9:24am
Michael Rubin, 9:23am
Josh Freedholm, 9:20am
Ayan Rubin, 9:17am
Daren Flitcroft, 9:16am
Alex Glomb, 9:16am
Tim Huether, 9:12am
Eve Zhurbinskiy, 9:12am
Matt DeMazza, 9:09am
Rachel Shnider, 9:06am
Lauren Smith, 9:05am
Laura Batty, 8:57am
Mindi Levitz, 8:56am
James Armold, 8:55am
Libby Watkins, 8:51am
Caity Rogowski, 8:49am
Lisa Freda, 8:46am
Kate DeMazza, 8:44am
Anonymous, 8:39am
Francesa Lamanna, 8:35am
Angel Horacek, 8:32am
Anonymous, 8:28am
Cal Klausner, 8:27am
Tim Preotle, 8:27am
Monica Freas, 8:26am
Monica Notzon, 8:25am
Jennifer Oxley, 8:23am
Rory Channer, 8:22am
Anthony Francavilla, 8:18am
Paige Lovejoy, 8:18am
Harriet Cutshall, 8:15am
Hirsh Kravitz, 8:14am
Andrea Custis, 8:13am
Kelley Ryan, 8:13am
Mark Lewis, 8:12am
Anthony Francavilla, 8:11am
Kenny Owens, 8:03am
Daniel Liss, 8:03am
Stuart Trevelyan, 8:03am
Kelly Dragelin, 8am
Anonymous, 8am
Jessica Trevelyan, 8am
Amy Wrona, 7:58am
Melissa Dana, 7:58am
Anonymous, 7:35am
Susan John, 7:17am
Israel Coutin, 7:16am
Katrina Owens, 7:14am
Christina Tunison, 6:48am
Anne Woodworth, 6:14am
James Majewski, 5:35am
Anonymous, 12:07am

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