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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Get to know M'kya, DC's National Poetry SLAM! star

In mid-April, M'kya S., a 10-year-old from KIPP Quest Academy, will travel to New York City to represent DC at the 10th Annual America SCORES National Poetry SLAM!.

M'kya will be one of 14 poet-athletes from across the country who come together for three days. The kids will get to know each other, explore the Big Apple's most iconic places, work together on creating a group poem, and finally perform that poem and their individual pieces on stage Monday, April 11 in front of a capacity audience.

This year's SLAM! will be held at the SVA Theatre. You can buy tickets here!

In the coming weeks, we will introduce you to M'kya, whose poem about shooting with cameras, not guns captivated the audience at the DC SCORES Eastside Slam! in early December. Watch a portion of that poem in the embedded video and meet M'kya below.


To M’kya, being a part of SCORES means a chance to express her feelings through poetry and show off her soccer skills to her parents and teammates. Her clear oration, stage presence and inspiring message won her the Shine Award at the Eastside Poetry Slam! in December and the honor of coming to the National SLAM! in NYC.

M'Kya is particularly excited to visit the home of the New York Jets and New York Giants football teams, and for the opportunity to meet SCORES participants from other cities.

When she is not in SCORES, you will likely find M’kya cheerleading, dancing, drawing or making up songs about her family with her younger sibling. Although M’kya’s poetry may be serious, she wants everyone to know that she absolutely loves and thrives on making other people laugh!

We're sure she'll bring that humor along with her poetic creativity to New York in just over a month.

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