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Monday, November 30, 2015

Give Teamwork, Leadership and Commitment on Giving Tuesday

Teamwork. Leadership. Commitment -- these values make up TLC, the core of DC SCORES after-school and summer programming for 1,800 kids citywide.

This Giving Tuesday, Dec. 1, you can give the gift of TLC to a DC child or several chilrden who are without our program and the values instilled.

Please support DC SCORES during the worldwide Day of Giving.

Our goal is $15,000, which = the full DC SCORES program (T, L & C) for 15 kids in Washington, DC!.

Throughout the day, we will give high fives below for every single provider of TLC because everyone's contribution makes a difference.

You can also help our effort by sharing our Facebook post and/or clicking to Tweet HERE.


Soccer jerseys + poetry journals ($28 value) given: 624

High Fives List!, time
Ken Munson
Lan Dao
Jackie Munson
John Akers
Sam Aparicio, 10:21am (Wednesday)
Drew Harrison, 9:51am (Wednesday)
Phillip Knight, 12:35am (Wednesday)
Katie Sieck, 11:59pm
Madeline Harrington, 11:50pm
Dave Crespo, 11:42pm
Anonymous, 11:37pm
Monisha Kapila, 11:26pm
Megan Gordon, 11:23pm
Bentley Johnson, 11:15pm
Megan Corey, 11:03pm
Mary Kusler, 11:02pm
Brian Brussel, 11pm
Edward Lovitch, 10:58pm
Elijah Saint Blancard, 10:57pm
Matt Lindsay, 10:50pm
Sue Falsone, 10:40pm
Stephanie Wolfram, 10:36pm
Lauren Smith, 10:35pm
Anonymous, 10:29pm
Michael Akin, 10:26pm
Emily Schulman, 10:24pm
Eric Schlein, 10:22pm
Michelle Hense, 10:10pm
Mary Ann Badavi, 10:09pm
Stephen Browning, 10:07pm
Jennifer Lakomowski, 10:06pm
Alicia Coughlin, 10:06pm
Ted, 10:04pm
Meredith Whitfield, 10:01pm
Maggie Riden, 10pm
Anonymous, 9:54pm
Anthony J. Piccari, 9:52pm
Michelle Pedersen, 9:51pm
Joseph T. Palladino, 9:48pm
Lyndsey and Chelsie Miller-Vierra, 9:45pm
Andrea Custis, 9:34pm
Rosemary Wardley, 9:33pm
Julia, Neumann, 9:28pm
Liora Klepper, 9:24pm
Jordan Thomas, 9:23pm
Anonymous, 9:18pm
Anonymous, 9:17pm
Anonymous, 9:16pm
James Armold, 9:15pm
Anonymous, 9:14pm
Anonymous, 9:13pm
Anonymous, 9:12pm
Anonymous, 9:10pm
Anonymous, 9:09pm
Mark Lewis, 9:05pm
MaryKate Hughes, 9:03pm
Spencer Tomlin, 9pm
Antony Pereira, 8:57pm
Anthony Francavilla, 8:55pm
Tiffany Pereira, 8:54pm
James and Irma Gennaro, 8:48pm
Anonymous, 8:45pm
Anonymous, 8:40pm
Peter Villano, 8:36pm
Zoe Samels and Thomas Guncik, 8:29pm
Nicole Miller, 8:18pm
Julie Kennedy, 8:12pm
Justine Lassman, Stephane de Messieres, 8:06pm
Chris Leonard and Ellen Krouss, 8pm
Alanna Sobel, 7:57pm
Peña Madridista DC, 7:56pm
David Freedholm, 7:53pm
Chris Richardson, 7:43pm
Chris Silvester, 7:40pm
Juliana Williems, 7:34pm
Heidi Hochstetler, 7:31pm
Henry Barber, 7:29pm
Richard Gersten, 7:17pm
Andra Powell Henderson, 7:12pm
Nancy Perkins Marroquin, 7:04pm
Wendy Copeland and Jon Schwartz, 6:57pm
Tim Spear, 6:44pm
Jane Istvan, 6:29pm
Yes Energy, 6:16pm
Don and Eliza Hill, 6:15pm
Lily Goldstein, 6:11pm
Angel Cintron Jr., 6:04pm
Matthew Dugan, 6:02pm
Andy Smith, 6pm
Linda Munich, 5:56pm
Melanie Fineman, 5:55pm
Manuela Goulden, 5:51pm
Andrew Esquer, 5:51pm
Sara Harper, 5:43pm
Sam Jaraiedi, 5:42pm
Anonymous, 5:40pm
Deirdre Hart, 5:34pm
Anonymous, 5:32pm
Doug and Sarah Kotlove, 5:29pm
David McGee, 5:28pm
Dru Huffman, 5:25pm
Ben Koehler, 5:21pm
Jeff Schwartz, 5:21pm
Ayan and Mike Rubin, 5:18pm
Brian Pick, 5:17pm
Alyssa Morse, 5:16pm
Colin Patch, 5:14pm
Justin Feltman, 5:13pm
Judith Kemp, 5:01pm
Nick Kessler, 5pm
John Lloyd and Sue Budin, 4:56pm
Anonymous, 4:50pm
Adam Rubinfield, 4:44pm
Anonymous, 4:44pm
Pierre Vigilance, 4:42pm
Tricia Aoki, 4:41pm
Michael Heiken, 4:38pm
Leah Hochstetler, 4:37pm
Wendy LeBolt, 4:36pm
Stuart Trevelyan, 4:31pm
Dimi Venkov, 4:25pm
Michael Lembo, 4:12pm
Rachel Klepper, 3:56pm
Sam Healy, 3:11pm
Brandon Rogers, 3:06pm
Carlos Fonseca, 3:04pm
Brian Yi, 2:46pm
Mira Smith, 2:34pm
Across the Pond (podcast), 2:31pm
Paul and Nancy Kemp, 2:25pm
Jennifer Gennaro-Oxley, 2:18pm
Paul Barritt-Flatt, 2:15pm
Amanda Potter, 2:11pm
Troy Spence, 2:03pm
Mary Kaila, 1:52pm
James Webber, 1:46pm
Howard Smith, 1:41pm
Jeffrey Koung, 1:40pm
Brian Sanker, 1:33pm
Josh Whisenhunt, 1:29pm
Anonymous, 1:20pm
Zachary Abaie, 1:13pm
Seth and Jennifer Halvaksz, 1pm
Stephen Replogle, 12:59pm
John Guinan, 12:58pm
Walter Okpycb, 12:57pm
Stephanie Young, 12:57pm
Marissa Spiegel, 12:55pm
Jake Lloyd, 12:54pm
Michael Worden, 12:54pm
John Guzman, 12:52pm
David Barritt-Flatt, 12:49pm
Rebecca Freedholm and Greg Rosenbaum, 12:48pm
Andrew Wiseman, 12:47pm
Karen Lovitch, 12:42pm
Katherine Hayden, 12:41pm
Dori and Mark Hazan, 12:41pm
Chefik Simo, 12:41pm
Kenny Owens, 12:36pm
Jennifer Himmel, 12:35pm
Patty Farrell and Robert Watkins, 12:32pm
Ronya Corey, 12:32pm
Libby Watkins, 12:31pm
Jessica Trevelyan, 12:30pm
Corey Timbers, 12:30pm
Amy Nakamoto, 12:29pm
Dawn Hulen, 12:28pm
Alice Speck, 12:27pm
Kelly Dragelin, 12:26pm
Chris Hudler, 12:25pm
Sean Hinkle, 12:20pm
Peter Richardson, 12:18pm
Annabelle Lawler, 12:18pm
Andrea Custis, 12:17pm
Simon Landau, 12:17pm
Steve Goodman, 12:17pm
Felix B. Lloyd, 12:16pm
Katrina Owens, 12:13pm
Greta Poku-Adjei, 12:12pm
Joshua Freedholm, 12:12pm
Tim and Kathy Hinkle, 12:11pm
Carlos Espindola, 12:10pm
Alex Lord, 12:08pm
Richard Washington, 12:08pm
Jason Ferreri, 12:08pm
The Fairbanks Family, 12:07pm
Daniel Henderson, 12:07pm
Traci Lee, 12:05pm
Paul Jackson, 12:04pm
Bethany Rubin Henderson, 12:04pm
Barton Bishop, 12:04pm
Eric Ahearn, 12:03pm
Tatiana Blanco-Bertolo, 12;03pm
Paige Lovejoy, 11:32am
Jacqui Kemp, 11:24am
Heather Copeland, 11:11am
Sherika Brooks, 10:57am
Tim Preotle, 10:54am
Patrick and Trish Ahern, 10:53am
Kevin Kelley, 10:50am
Mary Amorosino, 10:47am
Ryan Kelley, 10:38am
Kara Dunford, 10:26am
Lauren Bogard, 10:19am
Launa Hochstetler, 9:58am
Jana Sharp, 9:53am
Aeon Clark, 9:43am
Joshua McGee, 9:38am
Hirsh Kravitz, 9:30am
Betty Schulman, 9:17am
Lisa Tabaku, 9:15am
Walter Okpych, 9am
Amy Nakamoto, 8:18am
Karen Dresden, 8am
Anne Woodworth, 8am
Cheryl Gregory, 12:15am
Anthony Brown, 12:13am
Ellie Zuckerberg, 12am
Aya Takeuchi, 12am
Mihana Matsui, 12am

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