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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Introducing Community Bloggers United!

Written by Jake Lloyd
Communications Manager 

This afternoon, we are happy to announce participation in a collaboration that will help bring the stories of DC SCORES poet-athletes, coaches, families and programs to new audiences.

Bloggers United for DC SCORES.

We are teaming up with Drew Schneider of Petworth News, Tiffani Nicole Johnson of the Brightwoodian, and Andrew Wiseman of New Columbia Heights to highlight stories of the kids, families and difference-makers in the Petworth, Brightwood and Columbia Heights neighborhoods connected to DC SCORES. The bloggers will write original posts as well as receive content from DC SCORES about the school-based programs in their neighborhoods.

If you walk around Brightwood, Columbia Heights or Petworth during the evening, there is a good chance you’ll see a child or parent wearing a “DC SCORES” shirt. The hope with this series is to bring these communities even closer together, and make them feel welcoming to all. DC SCORES has a proven history of building not just cohesive teams of children, but communities as well. By highlighting these stories through words, photos and video, we're confident the blogs' readers will become closer with their neighbors, feel more connected to the schools, and simply feel GOOD about where they live (enough negative news, this is all about the positive!).

There are many ways to get involved with DC SCORES. Sign up to volunteer at a neighborhood school; donate to the program (always helpful!); host a small fundraiser for the the organization; and more! Learn how at www.DCSCORES.org.

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