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Monday, July 13, 2015

Faces of Summer SCORES, Part I: George T., little but courageous

Written by Colin Patch
Digital Media Intern

His cleats were tied, shin guards strapped, and socks pulled high.

His eager yet serious smile told of the simultaneous enthusiasm and nervousness which captured him.

Fortunately, just a few steps into the meeting room of Marie Reed Elementary School, his anxiety eased. The sight of board games and fellow DC SCORES participants talking and playing opened his eyes to the exciting week of art and soccer ahead of him.

This is how George T., the star of our inaugural edition of Faces of Summer SCORES, arrived on the first day of Marie Reed Art and Soccer Camp.

While George is a familiar face to many DC SCORES coaches and staff -- he spent the past year as a poet-athlete after school at Orr Elementary School -- this is his first year at summer camp.

Being new to camp and coming all the way from east of the river, George was understandably nervous initially. But since the first day, he has been courageous in leaving his comfort zone -- making friends and competing with players almost twice his size.

At under five feet tall, George is considered a pushover by many just because of his appearance. But throughout the second week of camp,  George exhibited grit and determination. He impressed teammates and earned the praise of Soccer Coordinator Fabien Celestin, who likened him to the world-famous Lionel Messi.

Off the field, George is an equally excitable personality -- a small yet vibrant character whose smiles and giggles are infectious from the art room to the drama stage. He is a quick learner as well, as many of his Connect Four opponents have come to learn.

George has grown to love DC SCORES for the soccer as well as the friendships he's forged.

So take a look at the first edition of our new Faces of Summer SCORES series, and share, like or leave a comment.

Your support makes it possible for children like George to get out and enjoy summer in a safe and healthy fashion!

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