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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

National Poetry Month: Celebrating the self-expression of the DC SCORESTeam!

Happy National Poetry Month!

As you know, poetry and self-expression is a huge part of the DC SCORES fall season -- culminating with the District's largest Poetry Slam! in December. The Slam! demonstrates the creativity of the 1,500 youth we serve.

Now, this April, we are highlighting you -- our supporters, coaches, alumni, partners, staff and board. Check back daily for a new poem. And if you haven't yet, write a poem or haiku about anything -- that's the beauty of poetry -- and send it to Jake Lloyd at jlloyd@americascores.org.


April 30
One of those things others discuss casually
As if it's no big deal
taken for granted.
Was I that way once?
Hard to remember in the daze of exhaustion.
An uninterupted night
seems but a dream.

Bethany Rubin Henderson
Executive Director

April 29
Policy Analyst Haiku
After-school programs
Exploring, Growing, Teamwork
Learning at its best

Katie Dunn
DC Alliance of Youth Advocates (DCAYA)

April 28
The Other Lincoln’s Address
I believe in those children
Who step on stage and deliver
The spoken charge of defibrillator paddles
In a school auditorium;
Who in their way outclass the strikers they idolize,
Though theirs may be household names
Known in their house only,
Those poets
Who with a finish, cool as you like,
Find the back of the safety net
And mend communities.
Their dreams tug on our sleeves
With the persistence of turf and infill of artificial fields
That cling to us long after “Good game.”
I believe because when the questions still echo
In the hollow of my head
For months and years to come,
“What are you a part of? What do you help make?”
I cannot put my pencil down;
My time has no price.

(Credit to Madalin and Lincoln Middle School for the quote)
Philippe Monfiston
DC SCORES volunteer

April 27
Snapshot of Spring
Days fill with color
Inspiration has arrived
Excitement blossoms

Poised behind the lens
It's time to create again
Capture each moment

Kara Dunford
Former DC SCORES Intern

April 24
National Poetry SLAM!

Rachel Klepper
Writing Coordinator 

April 23
Soccer in Belize (author presently living in Mayan village in Belize)
On a spring morning,
we kick a soccer ball together
flip flops, no shoes, twenty kids knock around
with dogs, pigs, and a lizard

hundreds of miles away

on a bright, new field
girls lace up cleats
strap on shin guards

same rules
same play
we call it football, you call it soccer

all around the world

start the game

Molly Fessler
Former DC SCORES intern

April 22
Let's All Save The World Together
Do you like nature?
Do you like playing outside?
Do you like hiking or watching the beach tides?

So Let’s Save the World Together!

It’s getting warmer nowadays
So don’t let the hot weather carry you away.
Reuse, Recycle, Reduce and don’t litter.
So tell this to relatives, friends and baby sitters!

So let’s save the world Together!

Go green, plant gardens, plant bushes or even a rose
And bring back that fresh natural smell to your nose.
Save electricity and cut off the lights and bring back those peaceful and cooler nights.
Don’t waste the water we need to drink
So please don’t let those precious drops go down the sink!

So Let’s Save the World Together!

Jasia S.
DC SCORES alumna 

April 21
¡Primavera llega ya!
La nieve se va y el sol resplandece.
Los pájaros cantan, las rosas florecen.
Es la señal de que el invierno se va.
Es la señal de que la primavera vendrá.
¡Primavera llega ya!

Laura Huizar
Mexico 100 DC SCORES Intern

April 20 
Fresh Start Haiku!
Spring break is over?
So what I say! DC SCORES
Back out there today!

Josh Freedholm
Volunteer & Outreach Coordinator

April 16
Rituals, nuptials, untraditional traditions
Never been one to stop doing my own thing
But now it’s ours, community property but not like Monopoly
The time is approaching and everything is in motion
But I am still thinking about eloping…

Dontai Smalls
DC SCORES Board Member

April 15
The Time is Here
When the grass gets that fresh smell
And the ground is soft
that's when I know
the best time is here

It's soccer in the spring
and spring that runs into the summer
games that start in the morning
but won't end until the night

This is what we wait for
this is what we live for
My cleats are ready and my bag is packed
who's ready to play?

Zaryn Jennings
Former DC SCORES Intern

April 14
Seeing/Being You
It’s been said
You don’t get a second chance
To make a first impression.

And in that first impression,
Others create an opinion of you.

Sometimes you get a chance
To make a second impression
And in doing so do you confirm that opinion?
Or change it?
Or give more context to put a different spin on it?

Do you carefully choose your words
Your gestures, your appearance
To influence how others view you?

If you do,
Then how do you
Stay true to you?

Do you?

Can you?

Daniel Meloy
Senior Director of Development & Communications

April 13
An Ode to the Song Stuck in my Head
i’m humming to a melody, unheard
while lyrics, bounce between
my trains of thought,
pounding to get out,
but the song remains
this sticky tune. This earworm.
Those bothersome
guitar riffs and drum solos fill
empty space in my head,
space I’m sure was designed for math.
or state capitals.
Or proper English grammar.
but now act as glue traps
for songs, itching for a chance
to be heard, played aloud
but scrubbing my brain
with the verses and chorus
only allow the stain of this music to lock in.
these vocals and bass lines have
taken up residence in my brain
when all I want is some quiet headspace.
or at least a new song.

Kristen Miano
Digital Media Intern

April 10
Two soccer haiku
Spring season’s forecast:
Winning each play; digging deep;
Teammates slapping palms

Messy goal slips in
Crushed, girls scramble - lose by one
Kindness builds true teams

Jessica Trevelyan
Grants Manager

April 9
Masters Week starts Spring
Azaleas in full bloom
Golf Augusta Peace

Barton Bishop
DC SCORES Board Member

April 8
Goalie Jersey on, cleats tied, shin guards tight,
I’m ready.
Between the posts, I mark my spot,
I create a wall of stone.
As the wind howls, the whistle blows,
The ball is kicked.
I am the last line of defense,
My goal is to stop yours.
Diving, jumping, reaching for the ball,
Only the wind moves the net.
A shot is made,
A moment of silence occurs.
My job stays the same,
I am the defender of the net.
And with every goal I save, I rule the world.

Liselot Koenen

April 7
Soccer Ball 
Sphere of black and white
Kids within a team unite
Smiles and laughs so bright

Kelly Dragelin
DC SCORES Board Member

April 6
Dear Exceptional
Just in case your mother forgot to tell you,
You're special.
And even if your father isn't around to remind you,
you’re beautiful.
You are exceptional enough to defy all stereotypes and to contradict all statistics
You are exceptional enough to devise creations that can’t be duplicated.
They only tell you you’re stupid because they see a light within you, they can’t comprehend
And they only pump negative images into your head to block your exceptional vision.
You see, you have a fire inside of you that only offends those reluctant to be different.
They know and you know that you operate from a platform where your potential is limitless.
So keep your focus and your vision, and your strength will lead you down a path where opportunities are endless.
Now don’t get it twisted, you’ll land in some valleys difficult for you to climb out of but they’ll prove to make your peaks more rewarding.
And you’ll run into some roadblocks and obstacles but you have what it takes to get around it.
And if those roadblocks are too wide, and those valleys too deep, don’t be afraid to ask for assistance.
Because you’re way too exceptional to let anything stop you from fulfilling your purpose.

Kavon Ward
The Poet Activist, and former DC SCORES coach
United Speech Nation LLC 

April 3
oh March fickle thing
sun shining wind blasting cold
longing for warm nights

Lyndsey Miller-Vierra
Senior Director of Operations

April 2
Better than any NCAA bracket
Want real March Madness?
Look no further than a field
On spring's first game day

Libby Watkins
Program Coordinator -- Monitoring & Evaluation 

April 1
This is TLC
Teamwork defines us
Leadership embodies me
Commitment to team!

Carlos Fonseca 
Program Manager -- Soccer Operations

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