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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

DC SCORES is Commitment: Alumnus Christian A. becomes an all-star at the office

DC SCORES is Commitment. On Giving Tuesday, Give the Gift of Commitment to a DC kid in need. 

Written by Josh Freedholm
Community Engagement Director

DC SCORES alumni are constantly helping us as volunteers — acting as assistant coaches, refereeing our elementary school games, completing projects in our office, representing us at events, and much more. Our alumni help to power the program they once participated in and make it even stronger.

The past two school years, one alumnus in particular has become a major part of the DC SCORES office. Most days around 4 p.m., we expect to see Christian A. making his way into the office with a smile on his face. Christian is a high school sophomore who participated in DC SCORES as an eighth-grader at Hart Middle School and has worked as a summer camp counselor at Bruce-Monroe Elementary School and Marie Reed Elementary School the past two summers.

Christian has become an all-star volunteer. Almost daily, he sits down at the desk that he has labeled as “my own” and gets to work entering survey data or organizing student registrations. Christian is also one of only two volunteers to referee at every elementary school game day each season, gaining experience in calling games throughout the year. To top it all off, Christian has brought new volunteers with him to even further his impact.

More than anything, Christian has become a positive force in our office and something we hope to see even more from our alumni as we work to expand our Older Youth Connection (OYC).

Recently, Christian took a few minutes off from working to chat with us.


Christian not only works hard as a volunteer; he wins bets, too!
DCS: Where are you from and where do you go to school? 

I am from SE Washington D.C. and I go to Roosevelt High School in Petworth.

DCS: How long have you been playing soccer? 

I have been playing soccer for two and a half years.

DCS: How did you get involved with DC SCORES? 

I got involved with DC SCORES because I wanted to play soccer.

DCS: What do you find most interesting about DC SCORES? 

What interests me most about DC SCORES is the fact that they helped me with poetry and I used to hate poetry.

DCS: Describe your experience volunteering for DC SCORES.

My experience volunteering for DC SCORES is fun!

DCS: What do you like to do with your free time? 

I like to play video games on my PSP.

DCS: Who is your favorite athlete? 

I’m a big Green Bay Packers fan, so Clay Matthews or Aaron Rodgers.

DCS: What is one fun fact about you? 

 I like to cook for my family and want to become a chef.

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