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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Giving Tuesday: Your chance to empower DC youth

-- Empower DC youth TODAY, Dec. 2!

What is the meaning of a soccer uniform? What about a poetry journal?

A soccer uniform might just seem like some articles of clothing. A journal -- something you find in Staples.

For kids in DC SCORES, they mean so much more.

A soccer uniform represents a team, a chance to be accepted, an opportunity to develop into a leader -- all things that wouldn't be possible for thousands of kids without DC SCORES.

A journal gives kids a safe space to express their innermost feelings, to feel empowered to be creative and speak out about their lives. Armed with a journal, kids in DC SCORES come out of their shells and show the world just how talented they are. Their schoolwork improves, too.

TODAY is Giving Tuesday, the largest worldwide day of giving. Please consider giving a kid like Anna Lucia, or Nana or Kennijah a chance with a gift to DC SCORES.

  • $28 = a soccer uniform and poetry notebook for a child
  • $51 = a soccer uniform for one girl and one boy
  • $121 = writing supplies for a whole team of 32 children

Please help us reach our 24-hour goal of $22,500, which equals equipping 803 kids with a soccer uniform and poetry journal!

Throughout the 24 hours, we will update in real time those who provide a soccer uniform/journal combination and we'll keep track. below. THANK YOU!

#GivingTuesday uniforms/journals provided (updated as given): 793

DC SCORES High Fives list, time given
Carol Roberts & Steve Larson, 1:51pm
Mary Rumford, 8am
Aeon Clarke, 3:17pm
Paul and Nancy Kemp, 2:05pm
Jean Counts, 8:37am
Mary Watkins / Reuben Johnson, 7:17pm
Larry Schwartzman, 4:48pm
Myrna Alphonse Newman, 10:43pm
Steve Petros, 8:48pm
Maurice Gilmore, 6:04pm
Gregory Kalik, 3:26pm
Brenden Owen, 12:32pm
Tom Hyde, 11:34am
Jun Yoshino, 11:06am
Matt Landau, 8:09am
Jess Morrison, 12:49am
Katherine Hayden, 12:01am
Mired Asfour, 11:52pm
Mariangela Anzalone, 11:51pm
Lauren Jackson, 11:50pm
Wendy Copeland and Jon Schwartz, 11:47pm
Stephen Bowman, 11:47pm
Marla Simon, 11:39pm
Madeline Harrington, 11:36pm
Alper Tunca, 11:08pm
John Pascazio, 11:01pm
Amy Lehman, 10:50pm
Willie, 10:48pm
Michael Parrish, 10:41pm
Don and Becky Feltman, 10:31pm
Marlon Brown, 10:14pm
Jaimie Gomes, 10:01pm
manny and susan, 9:56pm
Lauren, 9:54pm
John Kemp, 9:44pm
Anonymous, 9:44pm
Sally and Paulo Villela, 9:41pm
Moley Evans, 9:33pm
Anonymous, 9:20pm
Santano Rosario, 9:15pm
Gregory Jenkins, 9:06pm
Avery Lord, 8:56pm
Christina Tunison, 8:51pm
Cielo Contreras, 8:48pm
Beth Powell, 8:40pm
Jason S Alansky, 8:32pm
Jason Washington, 8:30pm
Lia E Dawley, 8:10pm
Carolyn Price- Valenti, 8pm
Anonymous, 7:54pm
Mozella Ademiluyim, 7:52pm
Brent Councill, 7:34pm
David Goodwin, 7:33pm
Megan Corey, 7:32pm
Hannah Estifanos, 7:17pm
Bill Farrell, 7:07pm
Matt Charny, 6:55pm
Chester F. Peixoto, 6:53pm
Brian Argrett, 6:51pm
Anonymous, 6:45pm
Abigail Lauer, 6:44pm
Anonymous, 6:44pm
Daniel Vladimer, 6:41pm
Ashley Vierra, 6:30pm
Jay, 6:28pm
Kent and Kathy Replogle, 6:18pm
Gretchen Ellsworth, 6:14pm
Robert G. Cantelmo, 6:09pm
Rob and Anne Hummel, 6pm
Dane Bernard, 6pm
Jeff Schwartz, 5:59pm
Libby Watkins, 5:55pm
Phyllis Owens, 5:53pm
Anonymous, 5:51pm
Lindsey Baker, 5:48pm
Allie Dodd, 5:48pm
Lisa Tabaku, 5:35pm
Emily Weidenbach, 5:34pm
Gregory Baisley, 5:29pm
Dawn K Hulen, 5:27pm
Keiko Yoshino, 5:24pm
Betty Schulman, 5:21pm
Jenna Kruse, 5:19pm
Matt Gwizdala, 5:18pm
Cole Hinnen, 5:13pm
Brian Williams, 5:10pm
Tamar Levenberg, 5:08pm
Sarah Wolf, 5:04pm
Dane Hinnen, 5:03pm
Anonymous, 5:03pm
John Guinan, 5pm
Andrew W. Mollohan, 5pm
Joshua Freedholm, 4:55pm
Daniel Meloy, 4:55pm
Stephen Aporta, 4:54pm
Adam Rubinfield, 4:53pm
Dan Roche, 4:53pm
Rachel Klepper, 4:52pm
Heidi Hochstetler, 4:50pm
Zaryn Jennings, 4:50pm
Paris Volpe, 4:50pm
Kara Dunford, 4:48pm
George Gorleku, 4:48pm
Tim Spear, 4:45pm
Erica J. Johnson, 4:41pm
Zachary Gomes, 4:39pm
Golden Goal Sports Complex, 4:38pm
Jake Lloyd, 4:38pm
Radu Marcu, 4:37pm
Alyssa Morse, 4:34pm
Julie Rogers, 4:34pm
Anonymous, 4:32pm
Brandon Balthrop, 4:30pm
Jack Reagan, 4:23pm
Anonymous, 4:23pm
Alexander Lord, 4:22pm
David Freedholm, 4:20pm
David Sheon, 4:18pm
Corey Timbers, 4:18pm
Stuart Trevelyan, 4:18pm
Carlos & Adriana Fonseca, 4:18pm
Jennifer Olney, 4:17pm
Launa Hochstetler, 4:17pm
Daniel Levine, 4:16pm
Amanda Villela, 4:15pm
Richard Washington, 4:10pm
Daniel Meloy, 4:10pm
Conor McCormick, 4:09pm
Amy Nakamoto, 4:08pm
Jordan Evans, 4:08pm
Lyndsey & Chelsie Miller-Vierra, 4:06pm
Karen Lloyd, 4:05pm
Omar Lewis, 4:05pm
Cal Klausner, 4:03pm
Rebecca Freedholm, 4:03pm
Steve Goodman, 4:02pm
Jessica Trevelyan, 4:02pm
Alyson Blair, 4:01pm
Sue Falsone, 3:57pm
Missy Ryan, 3:57pm
Brian Yi, 3:56pm
Corey Edwards, 3:51pm
Alex Paley, 3:31pm
Don Plank, 3:30pm
Maggie Riden, 3:27pm
Tracey Rutnik, 3:25pm
Aaron Wodin-Schwartz, 3:23pm
Anonymous, 3:23pm
Pie Fection, 3:12pm
The Vaughns, 3:11pm
Cassandra Kingsberry, 3:09pm
Tiffany Hill, 2:57pm
Catherine E Gatewood, 2:55pm
Elizabeth Johnson, 2:52pm
Linda R Munich, 2:46pm
Blaine Wiltse, 2:43pm
Phillip Knight, 2:41pm
Lily Goldstein, 2:40pm
hayne chun, 2:35pm
Heather, 2:30pm
Nicole Allinson, 2:29pm
Sebastiao & Roseli Fonseca, 2:24pm
Tracy Lyman, 2:20pm
Holly S Galavotti, 2:12pm
Anonymous, 2:10pm
Joshua McGee, 2:08pm
Nicholas Kessler, 2:08pm
Mike Kuzia-Carmel, 2:06pm
Ayan Rubin, 2:02pm
Patricia Granados, 1:50pm
Robert Watkins, 1:48pm
Pete Gilmore, 1:48pm
Jonathan and Shanda Boreyko, 1:45pm
Patricia Little, 1:44pm
Son Hong, 1:41pm
Sara Harper, 1:40pm
Patricia Farrell, 1:33pm
Jose Barbosa, 1:29pm
Kyler Smart, 1:05pm
Drew Harrison, 12:56pm
Roger K Alexander, 12:54pm
Tim Gillespie, 12:50pm
Melissa Duncan, 12:48pm
Margaretta Poku-Adjei, 12:47pm
Aeon Clarke, 12:46pm
Kenny and Katrina Owens, 12:45pm
Mike Voight, 12:41pm
Emily Schulman, 12:39pm
Jessica Painchaud, 12:37pm
John and Lynn, 12:36pm
Anthony Francavilla, 12:29pm
Don Hill, 12:29pm
Ed Walters, 12:25pm
Alice James, 12:22pm
Bryan Stephany, 12:20pm
Kevin Keefe, 12:13pm
Joanna Smith, 12:08pm
Barton N Bishop, 12:02pm
Cheryl Opere, 12pm
Jeffrey Goldfarb, 12pm
Teresa P. Miller, 11:59am
Mauricio Rodriguez, 11:59am
Alissa Fromkin, 11:58am
David Crespo, 11:57am
David Hidalgo, 11:54am
Justin Feltman, 11:52am
Allen, 11:48am
Janelle Leuthaeuser, 11:47am
Ralph Pace, 11:45am
John Akers, 11:32am
Matt Leemhuis, 11:32am
Doug Kotlove, 11:30am
Rachael Levine, 11:30am
Anne OConnell, 11:26am
Simon Landau, 11:25am
Fairbanks family, 11:22am
Nick Amabile, 11:19am
Joseph Swierzowski, 11:16am
Alex Brooks, 11:13am
Elaine Amabile, 11:04am
Alice Speck, 10:59am
Joe Matzner, 10:55am
Andrew Philip Maddocks, 10:50am
Emily Wander, 10:48am
Daniel Henderson, 10:40am
Stephen Replogle, 10:37am
Devon Owen, 10:33am
Anonymous, 10:31am
Sara Fornaciari, 10:27am
Tim & Kathy Hinkle, 10:26am
James Armold, 10:26am
Stephanie Lutz, 10:25am
John Conte, 10:17am
Chuck Wolf, 10:17am
Anonymous, 10:15am
Adam Cristman, 10:13am
Iris Bond Gill, 10:13am
Deeana Klepper, 10:09am
Chuky Nwaochei, 10:05am
Allison, 10:01am
Ryan Burke, 10am
Lauren Bogard, 9:56am
Chefik, 9:53am
Kim and John Casey, 9:52am
Mark Albert Hanis, 9:52am
Sharon Plonsker, 9:47am
Frank Polley, 9:34am
John Carmel, 9:34am
Wendy LeBolt, 9:32am
Joseph Scialdo, 9:31am
John Lloyd and Sue Budin, 9:29am
Anusha Rouse, 9:25am
Connie Lindenauer, 9:22am
Nancy Kemp, 9:18am
Karen Lovitch, 9:16am
John Neiswander, 9:15am
Hannah Wenzel Krieger, 8:51am
Bryan Hinkle, 8:47am
Grant Czubinski, 8:46am
Will Magioncalda, 8:32am
Andrea Custis, 8:27am
Anthony Francavilla, 8:19am
Sam Jaraiedi, 7:57am
Liberty Farrell, 7:37am
The Rockoff Family, 6:30am
Kelly Dragelin, 5:14am
Alanna Sobel, 1:47am
Amir Taba, 12:52am
Judith Kemp, pre-December 2
Donahue family, pre-December 2
Ruth Hershberger, pre-December 2
Tom, pre-December 2
Amy Gambrill, pre-December 2
Jessica Garchik, pre-December 2
Anthony Rodell, pre-December 2
David K. Owens, pre-December 2
Joanne Farrell, pre-December 2
Brian T. Nakamoto, pre-December 2
Ryan McGonigle, pre-December 2
Veronica Nolan, pre-December 2
Lauralyn Lynn, pre-December 2
Edwin D. Washington, pre-December 2
Patricia Farrell and Robert G. Watkins, pre-December 2
Joanna Farrell, pre-December 2
Darryl Anderson, pre-December 2
Aya Takeuchi, pre-December 2

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